6 Non-aggressive Dog Breeds That You Can Adopt


A few days ago, a friend called me up asking for advice on which dog breed she should adopt. I asked her what exactly she expects from her pet. And since she was going to have a baby soon, I also enquired how much time she can give to the pet daily, before suggesting a few breeds that I felt were suitable to her expectations… If you too are looking for a dog to adopt but there’s a family member who seems to be afraid of dogs, or there are kids in your house, or you are simply unsure which one to opt for, here are 6 family and child-friendly, non-aggressive dog breeds that you can adopt.

non-aggressive pet dogs

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The best thing to do before buying or adopting a dog is to consult a pet-sitter or an official who works at a kennel near you and can advise you on which dog breed would be best suitable for your lifestyle.

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