6 Signs That You’re Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Foundation


When it comes to makeup, ask any expert and they’ll tell you the first thing you need is a good foundation – one that is perfect for your skin. So you go out there and try hundreds of different foundations in varying shades, textures and coverage they provide, finally managing to pick the one which seemed to be a true match. But guess what? (SPOLIER ALERT) It could still be the wrong shade of foundation for you! The biggest beauty blunder that a person could make is going out wearing the wrong shade of foundation.

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But how to tell if you’re wearing the right or wrong shade of foundation? These tips will help you out with that:

Testing the foundation:

wrong shade of foundation, girl testing three shades of foundation on her left jaw,

Always test your foundation on your jawline

I’m guessing you already know, testing the foundation is the most important step when purchasing one. But how and on what part of your skin you test your foundation is the main deciding the factor, when it comes to picking the best match. If you tested the foundation on your wrist, the back of your hand or your cheek then you are definitely wearing the wrong shade. This is because the skin on your hand does not necessarily match your face. Also your cheeks could be dry or oily thus they may also be of a different shade. You must always test the foundation on your jaw line. Draw a perpendicular line starting from your jaw and bring it down towards the neck. Check to see of the shade blends in with your skin making the foundation look transparent. If it does, that’s your face-mate! Another important thing to remember is that even if you checked your foundation on the jaw, if you did it inside the store (under the fluorescent lights) then you’ll never find the right shade. Test your foundation in natural sunlight to get the perfect one. Don’t mind other people giving you strange looks; once you find the right shade, you’ll turns heads for a different reason! ;)

 The texture and feel of the product:

Notice how your foundation feels on your skin. Does it feel heavy or cake-y? Most women looking for coverage do not realize that foundation should NOT be heavy or thick on the skin. The trick is to pick a light-weight foundation in the right texture for your skin’s personal needs, which also matches your skin undertones, and learn how to layer it so that it does not feel heavy or cake-y. If your foundation feels like it could slide off your face any time, then its texture is too heavy for you. 

Too dark, or too light:

wrong shade of foundation, girl looking scary with ashy foundation, makeup gone wrong, greyish looking foundation,

This is what you’ll end up looking like with a lighter shade of foundation!

The easiest way to see whether you’re wearing the right foundation is to check if it makes you look too dark or too light. Your foundation after application, should look like you aren’t wearing any makeup, yet your flaws (pimple scars, dark spots, black/white heads) are totally invisible. If you look a bit tanned then you’re wearing a darker shade of foundation and need to go lighter. Similarly, if you tend to look yellowish, greyish or ghost-white then your foundation shade is too light for you and thus it makes your skin look like it has an extra layer on. 

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You always break out:

There are many products out in the markets that are not good for people with sensitive skin. You may say your skin isn’t sensitive, but you’ll never know in how many ways your skin talks to you! You might be okay with using a product of so-and-so brand but another product of the same brand may not be working out for you. Try to check the ingredients label and choose a foundation that has ‘non-comedogenic’ which means they do not clog your pores and let your skin breathe (read: no more breakouts!) 

Your face doesn’t match your neck:

One rule that has been repeated again and again is that your foundation should blend with the skin on your face and neck. This means your face should not look like it belongs to someone else. So never miss out your neck while applying foundation. Check in natural light if the skin on your face matches that on your neck; if not, then it’s time you changed your foundation for a better shade. 

You use the same foundation all year round:

If you do not change your foundation with the weather, then you’re wearing the wrong foundation. Women need to realize that they can’t wear a particular shade and texture of foundation in all the seasons. During winters, your skin becomes dry and pale so you may need a lighter shade of moisturizing foundation (preferably liquid or cream based) while in monsoon, your skin may be oily, sweaty thus requiring a very light-weight matt finish powdery-cream product. Alternatively, summer flushed or tanned skin calls for bronze-tinted, water-based, non-comedogenic foundations with SPF. So switch your foundation every season and test it at different times of the day in different amounts of sunlight before purchasing one.

Now that you know what could be the reason behind the wrong shade of foundation that you’re probably wearing, don’t wait anymore! Chuck it out and find your perfect match!


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