6 Simple Body Sculpting Moves That Transform Your Body


There are tons of exercises, new techniques, and equipment out there that promise a well-toned and proportioned body. But when it comes to seeing results, we can safely say that nothing beats body sculpting! Body sculpting – also called as weight training, strength training and resistance training – is a form of workout that uses weights (either in the form of dumbbells, free weights or your own body weight) to stress and thereby sculpt your body and get you in shape! These exercises are so basic that they’re perfect for beginners too, as they doesn’t require much equipment. If you too want to tone your body, here are some amazingly simple body sculpting moves that will totally transform you!

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Body sculpting moves

Exercise 1

Exercise 1: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then hinge your hips as you bend your knees to go into a low bend and touch your palms to the ground. Begin moving your palms forwards, (slowly, one at a time) walking with your hands without moving your feet. Continue until you reach a plank position. Then reverse the movement slowly and return to the standing position. This was one rep. Do 6-8 reps in one set thrice a week.

Body sculpting moves

Exercise 2

Exercise 2: Stand your feet, hip-width apart and toes angled slightly outwards. Keep your core muscles clenched and hinge your hips squatting low until your fingers touch the floor. Place your palms firmly on the floor and either jump or step your feet backwards going into a high plant position. Reverse the move and return to the starting position. Do eight such reps in one set.

Body sculpting exercise for abs

Exercise 3

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Exercise 3: Begin in the high plank position with your hands right underneath your chest. Then keeping the core engaged, slowly bend your elbows outwards and lower your chest. Ensure your back does not sag as you lower your chest and chin. Press back to starting position. Do 10 to 12 plank pushups in one set.

Body sculpting moves

Exercise 4

Exercise 4: Start in the lunge position with your right foot behind and left foot forward bent into a 90 degree angle at the knee. Keep your arms on your sides slightly bent at the elbows. Bring your right arm forward and left arm back. From this position, bring your right leg forward and lift it up (with the knee bent in a 90-degree angle) without touching the floor and straighten your left leg at the same time balancing your body weight on your toes. As you do this, swing your right arm back and bring your left arm forwards with your elbows bent. This is one rep. Do 10-12 reps in one set. (Don’t be overwhelmed by the details in this exercise, if you practise a few times, you’ll definitely get the hang of it!)

Exercise 5

Exercise 5

Exercise 5: For this exercise you would require a medicine ball or a fitness ball that you can easily find at any local gym store near you.  Begin in a split stance (left foot forward and slightly bent, right foot back with the knee straight) and position the ball above the left shoulder holding it with both hands. Move your arms across the body bringing the ball next to the right hip. Return to the starting position. Try to keep your core engaged as you do 10 reps of this exercise.

Body sculpting moves

Exercise 6

Exercise 6: Lie on the floor with your back flat and knees bent. Ensure your feet are placed flat on the floor and are hip-width apart. Lift your left leg up so that your foot and thigh are in a straight line. Then lift your hips off the floor and hold the position for a few seconds before lowering down to starting position. Do 10-12 reps and repeat with the other leg.

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Practise these body sculpting moves and exercises thrice a week for a well-toned and sculpted body!

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