7 Most Beautiful Islands That Should Be On Your Bucket List


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Planning a trip? Get lost in the serene beauty of nature at one of these exotic islands and experience a fairytale life. Islands are the most scenic and heavenly places in the world to spend some alone time with your special someone. It can also be an adventure if wish to get your friends along to enjoy the wonderful water activities which they’re known for. From relaxed sandy beaches to adventurous water sports, we’ve covered it all! We bet our list of beloved islands will make it to the brim of your bucket list after reading this post.

1)    Seychelles




Escape to this archipelago of a 115 islands located on the east coast of Africa and relax on the white sand beaches with clear sapphire waters. You can also watch colorful birds and exotic animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises and hike your way through six marine national parks at this island-country. Soothe yourself at the tropical paradise with lush hills and a laid-back tempo. It is also included in the list of tax havens incase, you dont plan on coming back. *wink*

Peak time: May, October and November.


2)    Cayman Islands




The most talked about island in the world. You could run away to the Seven Mile beach or enjoy water activities like snorkeling and deep scuba diving in the vibrant reefs. This cluster of three islands with less population makes it an ideal spot to relax on the hammocks along the beaches.

Peak Time: April to October.


3)    Santorini




The paradise of the honeymooners, Santorini Islands are located in Greece with turquoise waters and white cubiform houses. Just lie down on the black and white sands and look away at the sunset or hit the road to meet some new people. You can also enjoy the exciting beach activities to make your trip little more adventurous.

Peak time: April, May, October and November.


4)    Bora Bora


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With dormant volcanoes and lush green forests, this island calls for travelers from far and wide. The villas here are made of glass which will give you the most exceptional experience when compared the other islands. One of the most expensive islands in the world, Bora Bora promises to make you feel like a celebrity during your stay here. It is also an internationally acclaimed destination for a beach wedding.

Peak time: November to February


5)    The Cook Islands


Cookn islands


The ideal vacation spot for beachoholics, the Cook Islands are lesser known among the globe trotters. The tempting sea green tidal ponds, palm bordered shorelines and hibiscus-bound towns make it a go-to destination for travelers on a search for isolation.

Peak time: April, May, September and October.

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6)    Curacao Islands




A Dutch-Style architecture and the perfect weather, makes Curacao the perfect option to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Visited by many, it has been voted as the most picturesque island of Caribbean. So get away and capture the best desktop backgrounds at this island.

Peak time: May to November.

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7)    Maldives




The sight of thousands of glowing specks scattered alongside the beach’s sand is something out of a fairytale. The bioluminescent phytoplankton found along one of the beaches in Maldives are responsible for this glow in the sands at night. Visit Maldives and live your fairytale moment.

Peak time: December to April.

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So which island-country would you like to visit on your next trip? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box given below.


Photo Credits: Thriillophilia.com


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