7 billion people celebrate World Population Day today


Boom boom POW! The population explosion hasn’t hit the roof yet, but, as a matter of fact it’s reaching vantage point. The once healthy relationship between humans and the environment is slowly deteriorating.

As we celebrate World Population Day today, let us all reflect on the population explosion in different countries around the world, especially our beloved India.

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India consists of around 18 percent of the world’s population and in a country like ours, over population hampers the development of the country. The population here in India is quite patchy, with overpopulated places like Mumbai and Delhi, there are some scarcely populated areas aplenty as well.

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So what has really caused this overpopulation? The answer arises in increased medical facilities which lead to higher birth rate and lower death rate. This is just one of the many reasons why India is facing a grave problem.

Population has exploded in the past few years

Population has exploded in the past few years

The next ideal is to look for solutions, but then, haven’t we done that over the years? Yes, we have; but it is time to implement certain measures more seriously. So this World Population Day, let us, as Indians, individually take a decision to make sure our children and grand children can enjoy this beautiful and diverse country with all its resources intact!

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Implementing family planning regulations

It’s time to lay down the law. Sometimes it seems harsh, but that’s what is needed as of now. The government needs to step in if the population has to be controlled.

Job opportunities for women

Indian women need to be empowered

Indian women need to be empowered

The ultimate target here is poverty. Studies have found that when women have more education and job opportunities, they choose to have smaller families, and are able to invest more in each child which helps break the cycle of poverty.

Gender equality in terms of gross income

Usually, in India, for the lack of literal ‘man’power, an infant is brought into the world with the hope of being a boy and if the child isn’t… let’s try again. Whoa! How can this still happen! But the truth is, it does. Women need to be empowered to do work that earns families enough finances that a man could earn so that this problem disappears. Obviously not strenuous labour, but there are better and smarter options.


If you are brave enough to choose this option, it will help in the larger picture of humanity. It takes care of a family’s need for a child too. Adopting a child that already exists in this world will bring hope, care and a prospect of a career for the child; at the same time, it helps control population as well.

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Above all…


Illiteracy has been spotted as the biggest cause of overpopulation here in India. So if the new government is able to implement adequate measures to curb this issue, it will help keep a check on the growing population!

Let us join our hands together and make India a better place where we can provide for our future generations with no fear of saturation of the country’s once plentiful arsenal of resources.


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