7 Common Shaving Myths Debunked


With a plethora of information about shaving out there, it’s hard to differentiate fact from fiction. We have always been asked not to take the blade close to our skin, unless we want rough skin and a tuft of thick, coarse hair growing on our arms and legs. So if you’re worried about turning into a gorilla in a few months, rest assured, you won’t. Though shaving has a bad rap when it comes to hair removal techniques, we’re rooting for the blade, and busting a few shaving myths.

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Myth 1: Shaving makes hair grow back thicker, darker, faster and coarser

This is completely untrue! There is no scientific evidence to prove that shaving makes hair thicker and coarser. In fact, it’s just a trick of the eye than any change happening to the natural form of our hair. Think of your hair as a pencil that tapers at the end. If you cut out the top most part, it will most definitely make your hair look thicker than it did in the beginning. Also, shaving doesn’t remove hair from the roots, and the hair continues to grow at its natural pace so there is no way that hair growth process has become faster than it was. In retrospection, if shaving really did make our hair grow back thicker, darker and faster, then early balding would never be an issue at all!

Myth 2: Pressing hard while shaving will give a closer shave

It is better to shave after a few minutes' soak in warm water

It is better to shave after a few minutes’ soak in warm water

You wish! Pressing hard while shaving will not only give you nicks and cuts, but also irritate your skin. It is highly unsafe to apply too much pressure while shaving your limbs or the bikini area. Try holding your skin taut and gently glide the razor over the area you want to shave and the razor will do its job. This way you’ll even get a safe and relaxing shave.

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Myth 3: Old razor blade is safer than a new one

Quite the contrary! Would you wear the same clothes that you wore as a kid? Chances are you wouldn’t; because most probably, they are tattered-and-battered, and just not the right fit. That’s exactly how your old razor blade is! Shaving with an old, dull razor blade actually results in even more nicks and cuts and the chances of them getting septic are higher when your razor blade has tiny, rusty spots. Always replace your blade after 2 or 3 uses.

Myth 4: Shaving causes ingrown hair

Not quite; shaving may, in fact, help un-trap the ingrown hair by removing the topmost flaky layer of skin. The reason why ingrown hair follows any method of hair removal is lack of exfoliation. If you exfoliate your skin regularly, you’ll notice a drastic change within a few weeks.

Shaving will not hide or destroy your tan but instead, enhance it

Shaving will not hide or destroy your tan but instead, enhance it

Myth 5: Shaving will make my tan fade or ruin it

Don’t buy this old grandma tale, shaving won’t ruin your tan but actually enhance it! While shaving, the topmost flaky layer of your skin (which hides your sexy tan, by the way) is swept away, revealing the inner glow of your skin. This means you would be enhancing your gorgeous tan instead of ruining it or fading it off.

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Myth 6: Dry shaving is okay

Never, never, never! Dry humping may be fine, but dry shaving will only harm your skin rather than making it look better. There is a reason why we have special moisturising shaving gels and creams – they make shaving easier and add a healthy glow to your skin. Dry shaving will only cause you problems like irritation, razor burn and dry, flaky skin. It’s best to soak yourself in lukewarm water for a few minutes and then shave using a good quality razor and cream.

Dry shaving causes razor bumps and irritates the skin. Use a foaming shaving cream to avoid it

Dry shaving causes razor bumps and irritates the skin. Use a foaming shaving cream to avoid it

Myth 7: Soap is fine; shaving cream isn’t necessary

Sure, only if you want your skin looking like deserts of Sahara. Soap tends to dry the skin to a great extent. Its pH level doesn’t match that your skin’s, while a shaving gel or shaving cream has been crafted for a purpose and it balances the pH level of your skin. This in turn makes shaving an easy process. Shaving creams have moisturizers and vitamins that promote the formation of healthy skin cells and prevent drying of skin.

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