7 Dating Facts That Guys Think Women Need To Know


The dating industry and online world is abounding with topics and suggestions to help men score with the ladies out there. But, the women of the modern world are more open to the prospect of going out and expressing their feelings to the guy they like. This however, doesn’t come naturally to them and even men have their own standards.  So, if you are the go-getter, you’d need some handy advice (read: dating tips) to make it a done deal. Read on, because we are giving you just that.

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1. Every date can’t be at an expensive restaurant

Going on a date at a 5 star hotel may not be economical

Going on a date at a 5 star hotel may not be economical

Guys will do every possible thing to make the woman they love happy. It doesn’t mean though, that every date would be at an expensive bar or a hotel with the finest cuisines. He might surprise you by taking you to a nearby dhaba to test you once in a while. If you play along well, he would get the cue that you are worth it.

2. Over-researching is bad

All guys have a wild side in them (unless you are planning to date a monk). Over-researching about the guy and his habits could get you a skewed perspective about the person. Have faith in your choice and try to learn whatever you need to know from him.

3. No EX games

You don’t like men comparing you to their exes, the same applies with men. Men just happen to have a lot more pride, and such a move could backfire badly. It gives an indication to the man that you’re clearly not over your past.

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4. C for confidence

Guys like confident girls

Guys like confident girls

A confident man is something that everyone likes. The same is true for a girl who wants to be with one. Standing up for oneself and having a clear vision is always welcome. Add to that a mixture of humor and you can be sure that guys will appreciate you.

5. Speak freely

A free spirited girl is a breath of fresh air for guys. While it’s good to make a guy read between the lines to increase the mystique, this tactic if not done properly could lead to the guy losing interest. Speaking freely can reassure the guy and get rid of his nerves.

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6. Generate interest

Even the best of men are at a loss of words when asked to continue or start out conversations every single time. It would only be wise to share the load by starting out some interesting conversations, sharing your interests and gauging his reaction. Every guy loves it and you get a chance to earn brownie points.

7. Bitching isn’t cool

Guys don't like girls who bitch about anything and everything

Guys don’t like girls who bitch about anything and everything

Whether you are on a date or with a group of friends, it pays to not go overboard with your bitching. Let’s face it, every man worth his salt knows that girls bitch, but it’s the constant hammering that gets to their nerves. Pay heed to this fact and your man will respect you even more.

Now that you have this wisdom with you, get acting on these dating tips and see the change that follows. Happy dating!

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