7 Facebook Etiquette That Your Mamma Never Told You


The world has become a smaller place thanks to the internet, and there are a few entities that have made it all the more fun. One such entity that has changed the landscape of the internet and redefined the way we communicate with each other and meet new friends is Facebook. From a social media website it has snowballed into an internet giant. The numbers that they produce is mind boggling with an estimated 1.44 billion monthly active users in 2015. But, with so many people around there is bound to be some weird behaviour. So, it’s for the benefit of these weirdos that we have come up with 7 Facebook etiquette that’ll help them avoid the embarrassing moments in the virtual world.

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1. Never ‘Like’ your own post

The very fact that you uploaded a post or picture means that you like it, right? Then why behave like a desperado wanting to see one extra ‘Like’ on the post? Calm down, my friend. Your one ‘Like’ on your own post won’t make any difference on the scale of “Impression”, but will only help you score more on the scale of “Stupidity”!

Liking your own post on Facebook is considered the height of lameness

Liking your own post on Facebook is considered the height of lameness

2. Avoid too much information

Some people are obsessed with their life or the lack of it. They enjoy sharing every little detail that they are doing or are about to do, on social media. An example of such behavior would be “Eating Pani Puri at Pooja Pani Puri stall.” So, what? You aren’t eating pani puri in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower! So, why are you even publicizing it?

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3. Comment with dignity

Like in real life, where we are taught to behave properly with others, Facebook too is a place where you are supposed to be at your best behavior especially when commenting on others posts. This behavior can stand you in good stead in FB groups where administrators are always on the lookout for rude comments. Anyway, to keep it simple – if you wouldn’t like it if someone writes rude comments on your FB Wall or posts, why are you being such a jerk?

4. Keep your stalker instincts at bay

Whether you are stalking in real life or in the virtual world, it isn’t a good thing to do. One, it shows extreme sense of insecurity; second, it shows you have got nothing better to do in life. And if keeping a tab on a person wasn’t enough, some go to the lengths of downloading pictures without the concerned person’s permission, which is totally unacceptable.

Earlier stalkers would follow their victims around town, these days stalkers turn to Facebook

Earlier, stalkers would follow their victims around town. These days, stalkers turn to Facebook!

5. Having friendship panic attacks

We all wish to meet new people, become friends and have a good time in general. But, it in no way means that every Tom, Dick & Harry that you meet needs to be sent a ‘Friend Request’. The same goes for people who accept friend requests by the dozens. How can you be sure that the person you added/accepted just now is no troublemaker? So what if you had a mutual friend? Never let people you don’t really know into your personal space (hope you remember that you share a lot of private info about your life on FB).

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6. Random tagging

You have visited a place, ate delicious food and had the time of your life; you share it on Facebook. It is all fine up to this point. The trouble starts when you tag half your friend list that weren’t even there. It makes people think that you are attention hungry besides adding to their already long list of notifications.

7.  Sending game requests

Out of all the aforementioned points this one takes the cake. There are many people in this world who share an enthusiasm for online gaming, but there is an equal number who hate it. So, why send them requests in the first place? The cool thing would be to ask them instead of pestering them with requests that they don’t give two hoots about.

Sending continuous Facebook game requests can be really irritating

Sending continuous Facebook game requests can be really irritating

All said and done, the virtual world even though different from the real world is in many ways similar too. It would only be wise to pay attention to the fact and follow our pointers you log in next time around.

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