7 Guidelines To Rock The Red Lipstick Look


Red lipstick is classy, elegant and so chic – when worn right that is. If you don’t pair it with the right outfit or makeup, the red shade on your lips might make you look like a vamp out of a B-grade Bollywood movie. Don’t let this deter you from trying out red though. With TBD’s guidelines you can pull off the red lipstick look with style.

One Red Is Not Meant For All

The very first thing to understand when going in for the red lipstick look is that one shade of red doesn’t work for all. The shade of red that suits you will depend on your skin tone. Those who have fairer skin should go in for pure reds, while those with olive skin can go in for a red with tints of orange and pink-based reds; and if you posses dark or chocolate brown skin then you can even experiment with reds that have blue or wine undertones. Put some thought into the shade that will look best on you.

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The Perfect Lip Liner

A lip liner is a good way to lock the lipstick on your lips and avoid it from spreading and smudging. However, one needs to make sure that the liner matches the exact shade of your lipstick, if it does not you could end up with weird looking lips. In the absence of a liner, you can outline your lips using a brush instead.

White Smile

Having beautiful white set of teeth is always a bonus if you want to pull of this look. Red lipstick does not go well with yellow stained teeth. So, get your teeth white before you go red. Also, make sure that the lipstick does not spread to your teeth. Red lipstick or not, lipstick on your teeth is just so-not-happening.

Red Lipstick Look

Clothes That Complement

Red lipstick is bold and striking which is why it is essential for you to play down the rest of your outfit. Complement whatever you wear to your lipstick shade. Solid blacks look stunning with red lipstick, so black dresses or a black suit is a good option to wear. Apart from blacks, red lipstick will also look good with long subtle evening gowns and even on jeans. Just remember, whatever you wear should not be too jazzy or you could end up looking trashy.

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No Pinks

Pink is the ultimate feminine colour and a pretty one too. But, pink and red just don’t go together. If you want to look good in your red lipstick keep any shades or even hints of pink away from your outfit. Don’t even try to add a touch of pink with your footwear, bag or other accessories. It just won’t work.

Take The Makeup Down A Notch

For your red lipstick to look good, it has to be made the center of attention on your face. For this, you absolutely have to play down the rest of your makeup. Smokey dark eye makeup is a complete no-no. Go subtle. Nude shades and the no-makeup makeup look are the best bet for red lipstick.

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Keep Your Options Open

Sometimes a particular texture of red might not suit you well, but no need to be disheartened. There are so many shades options like, glosses, tints, mattes, shimmers, glazes, etc available in the market. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

So, now, you needn’t fear the reds anymore. Go out and look your fabulous best in the red lipstick look! :)

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