7 Secrets That Can Help You Be Super Confident


Coming from a highly optimistic family, I’ve grown up loving myself and the people around me a little more than what is normal. But that’s made me really confident because people love me, believe me and are proud of me. So when I look at some of my fellowmen, I wonder why these people lack self-confidence. Surely, it’s not that they don’t try hard, or don’t read about getting help for building confidence; but there has to be something else, right? Probably they’re reading the wrong things or not understanding what they read. If you are one of them, or know someone who happens to lack self-confidence, direct them to this article.

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Confidence is the key to success

Confidence is the key to success

The secret to self-confidence is to really want to get to the other side of the bridge. Here are a few tips to help that can help you be super confident:

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Gratify your subconscious: If the whole world thinks you look really good in the new dress but you think otherwise, you’d never be confident wearing it in front of others; and vice versa – if you love your dress and others didn’t, it wouldn’t matter to you and you’d still be confident. So bear in mind that unless your subconscious mind isn’t feeling good, there’s no way you can.

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Dare to dream: That’s right! If you don’t dare to dream, you’ll never learn to ‘hope’, or have ‘faith’. No one but you can create the life you want. If you dream and work towards making it a reality, you’ll find that there will be times when amazing people will show up to cheer you on, even as you pause to re-think.

Being optimistic helps us perform better and paves the way to increasing self-confidence

Being optimistic helps us perform better and paves the way to increasing self-confidence

Ignore the voice inside that says, “You can’t”: At times, we set really high standards for ourselves, and that’s why something keeps telling us that it’s not perfect yet. Ignore that voice! If we keep picking at every little thing, it keeps us from making progress.

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Don’t wait for appreciation: You can’t keep waiting for praise and support without having stepped up in the first place. Sure, getting praised by others is a confidence-booster but show some effort to qualify for it.

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Grow a thick skin: Yes, grow a thick skin and don’t let negative remarks affect you. Take risks, and venture out of your comfort zone. This will not only help you get ahead, but will also keep your morale high, as it will encourage celebration and hate at the same time.

Don’t compare yourself to others: The minute you start comparing yourself, you’ll invite worries, and crush your own motivation. Know that you are special and don’t compare your progress with others’.

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Praise others for their struggle: If you do not praise or appreciate others, then you’ll never get to the top without making more foes than friends. Or worse, you may not even manage to get there, for all you know. So praise others for their efforts and avoid feeling threatened or insecure. What we notice and celebrate in others, gets back around to us and gives us a reason to shine.

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