7 Signs That Indicate ‘It’s Time To Move On’


Relationships are at their best when feelings are reciprocated and when both the people involved have equally strong emotions for each other. But sometimes, people outgrow relationships and just hang on for the sake of it. Here are 7 signs to know if it is time to end your relationship.

Have you both started ignoring each other's presence?

Have you both started ignoring each other’s presence?

You do not have any emotional connection:

You do not feel any emotional connection with each other’s lives. His dreams do not excite you anymore. You do not feel angry when she is annoyed over something. You really don’t listen what the other person is talking about.

You have started spending more time apart:

You have started finding solace in your friends. You prefer hanging out with the girls over a movie date with him. Or you prefer having a girls’ night in rather than a romantic weekend away. This is when you know it is time to end it.

You don’t feel sexually inclined towards them:

Sexual satisfaction has a lot to do with your emotions for the person. When you have feelings for someone, you automatically have this inclination towards them sexually. But if you do not feel that anymore, that’s it for the relationship.

Are those fun, sexy moments a thing of the past now?

Are those fun, sexy moments a thing of the past now?

You are fighting most of the time:

You guys rarely meet and whenever you do, you end up fighting. Little things lead to big arguments. And neither of you are interested in sorting it out. This is a very important sign that you do not care enough about each other or the relationship.

You only do things out of obligation:

You stay in with your partner when they are sick but are constantly on your phone. In your head you are thinking that you could have been at the movies with your friends. This means that your relationship isn’t your priority anymore.

You find someone else more interesting:

You see this really cute guy at a bar who offers to buy you drinks and you agree, thinking that it is just a drink. Or if you flirt with a colleague, thinking it is just healthy flirting. This simply means that you do not find your partner interesting anymore and are trying to find replacements.

You think of your future without them in it:

Your future plans lately have a lot of ‘I’s’ instead of ‘we’s’. You do not think about your partner when making decisions about your future. This is a major sign as you have sub-consciously already ended the relationship. Now you just need to make it official.



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