7 Signs That Show You Need Anger Management Classes


We all have that one friend or family member who is an angry young (old) man. Such people can be really difficult. Unless… unless it’s you!


Do you get angry often? Do your friends call you a pressure cooker? Does your manner of expressing displeasure cause hurt to you or those you care about? Sometimes we don’t realize that we take things a bit too far. But there can be many signs that can show that you need anger management classes; here are some of them.


You find that you have to buy a new alarm clock; very often.



You act without thinking things through and believe that you know better.


You swear a lot. Even at your family members and friends!


Oh, wait a minute… You don’t have many friends!


You over-react most of the times. And it gets you in trouble.


You’re not a good listener. You like to be the only one talking (read: yelling, grumbling, swearing, etc)

You break things. A lot of things – cell phones, remote, windows, chairs, noses (oops!)


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