7 signs you are fagged out and in desperate need of a vacation!


We all skip vacations as we think a refreshing holiday will hurt our jobs in some or the other way. Instead of enjoying on an exotic Island, we slog for months (without any break) at our not-so-beloved offices. As time passes by, we are deluged by work stress and are propelled to live a humdrum life (much against our will). Ultimately, this belief ends up shrinking our brains and we inch closer to the day when we get transformed into complete lifeless zombies! And a zombie can’t be creative or enthusiastic about his work, can he?

So you see, the idea of not going on a vacation doesn’t guarantee 100% productivity and comes with its own set of ugly consequences. Overworking can wreak mayhem on not just your health and happiness but also on your job performance. If you find yourself experiencing the following signs of exhaustion, it is an indication that you must stop all your work and rest for a few days, that you are in desperate need of a vacation.

1.       You find yourself staring blankly and drifting off

After an important 15 minute discussion, you just stare at your colleague’s face and think “WHAT THE HELL DID HE JUST SAY?” You don’t remember the important points and whatever you managed to grasp is gone in a blink of an eye. That’s not all! You also don’t have the energy and motivation to extend the discussion or give your inputs to make it more stimulating. Discussions that once boosted your enthusiasm now lead to mental weariness.

2.       You aren’t a pleasant person anymore

Instead you are often found yelling at people with a scowling face. Even trivial things like a broken biscuit start irritating you. You want to be left alone and no longer enjoy the company of your colleagues and friends as they tend to irritate you even more! L

3.       You’ve become absent-minded

Do you frequently forget to close the door of your refrigerator? Or end up wearing a wrong pair of shoes? Do you even forget your own birthday or marriage anniversary? No matter how hard you try to keep things in mind, you end up missing some of them!

4.       You’ve killed the easy-going social butterfly in you!

You’d rather prefer a nice deep sleep over texting your friends or hanging out with them at a bar. On weekends, you are found sleeping on your comfy sofa and not even reverting back to your emails and messages because it sounds like a vehement effort.

5.       The thought of more work gives you goose bumps

There was a time when you loved working and took up every task as a challenge. You also believed in giving your best shot and were keen on making a secured future. Working hard seemed to be like an everyday routine and you actually liked things that way! It was sitting idle that made you feel mortified.

Now all you want to do is relax on your desk and munch some chips.

6.       You daydream about going on a vacation

Instead of focusing on your upcoming important board meeting, you imagine yourself sitting on a resplendent beach with bluish green water and pearly white sand, relishing Ginger Lemongrass Pina Colada. You also stare out of the window and wish you were a bird so that you could fly wherever you wanted.

 7.       You are on the verge of a nervous breakdown

You experience a constant headache and no matter how hard you try to get enough sleep, you always feel burned out. Remember folks, your body is a machine and if it doesn’t receive the required rest, it will wear out!

Don't lose your cool. Go for a vacation instead.

Don’t lose your cool. Go for a vacation instead.

If you nodded in agreement while reading the above mentioned signs, it’s time for a vacation!



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