7 Story Time Hacks You Need To Know


One of the most interesting times in any child’s life is the story time, a time when elders in the family or parents sit together, and weave a world of magic.  Not only do these stories bring a smile to the child’s face, they also sow the seeds of learning and reading. There are profound benefits that this seemingly loving gesture has to offer. For instance, those who have grown up listening to bedtime stories have had better vocabulary, attention span and listening skills. But most importantly, it has been a time to bond and have fun. So get a pen and paper ready and jot down the story time hacks to add a spark to your story telling skills.

1. A special setting goes a long way to ensure that stories become much more interesting. Set up colourful candles, mats, etc. Gather your children, surround yourself with comfy cushions or bean bags, or better still, sit under a tree with the open sky all above you.

special setting

2. Getting into the character is a trait of master storytellers worldwide. Why not take the extra effort and become one for your children? Wear a costume, string a puppet or try various props that add to the excitement of the story.

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3. Acting like the character can make things even more joyful. Give a twist to each character by rendering a different voice for the same. Allow the children to play a role or two and see the joy grow multi-fold.

children imagining

4. Recapping a story involves your children into the equation. “What if” questions steal the show by allowing children to think on their feet for an alternative ending to the story.

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5. Personalizing the experience makes the whole act all the more worthwhile. Insert your children’s names instead of the characters. This will make them feel those emotions. And with every triumph, will come the feeling of euphoria.

6.  Imagination provokes the minds of the children for the good. Get them to close their eyes and think about the story. Let them expand their dream world. Fill them with hints and let their beautiful little brains do the rest.


7. Master the “Once upon a time” stories. There is no way you can do without them. These stories give you the chance to adapt a situation from real life or make up things as you move deeper into the storyline. For example, you can start off with “Once upon a time there was boy named John. He loved his cookies…” thus, focusing on your son’s cookie-eating traits and so on. To add an element of surprise, you can gift your son a cookie then and there.

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Stories can be a relaxing medium for parents as well as children. Hence, it is all the more important to fine tune your skills in this department. And what better way to sign off than “…then John closed his eyes and drifted in his dream world.”

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