7 Things That Destroy Your Hair Colour


It probably took you hours to get your hair those pretty streaks, not to mention pretty penny too. Now the next important thing is to make sure it lasts long, isn’t it?

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These little things can cost you a serious dime if you are not careful when it comes to taking proper care of your hair colour.  So here are a few things you ought to not forget.

Backcombing or teasing the hair damages the outer cuticle hair colour

Backcombing or teasing the hair damages the outer cuticle

  1. Rough Physical Handling

Handling your hair rough is just about the worst thing for your coloured hair. Using a brush frantically to untangle the knots or tying it up, high and tight, in ponytails or buns, permanently damages the cuticle. Dye molecules are easily swept out, when you grind your teeth away, brushing your coloured hair. The hair colour fades much faster than it should, leaving your hair look dead.

  1. Water Saturation

Few know that although we love to soak our hair in water, especially in summers, water saturation has a disastrous effect on dyed hair. Water causes the hair fiber to swell by lifting the follicle. The dye molecules that cause hair colouring, thus, are lost. This more likely happens when the hair follicles are compromised. Also, damaged hair swell easily, thereby causing the dye to escape.

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  1. Avoiding Hair-trims

Let’s admit it – we tend to get laziest when it comes to hair-trimming, don’t we? After all, who wants to spend that precious weekend at the salon getting those dead frizzies trimmed! But here’s the secret. Want long lasting coloured hair? Trim your hair every 2-3 months and get rid of the damaged hair that is not so dye-friendly and impart an odd look to your fresh hair.

  1. UV Radiation

Sun’s UV radiation breaks down hair’s matrix system. Result: Dry hair, dull hair, brittle hair, etc. Your hair thus becomes difficult to handle and your hair colour automatically starts to fade. It is advisable to keep your hair covered when you step out of the house to prevent hair damage and make your hair colour last longer.

Always apply conditioner after you shampoo and ensure to deep condition your hair once in 15 days, hair colour

Always apply conditioner after you shampoo and ensure to deep condition your hair once in 15 days

  1. Using Hair Conditioners

Use of rinsing conditioners with hydrating products is essential in maintaining the look and feel of your freshly coloured hair. Hair masks help retain the colour quality and should be used regularly too. Drastic colouring changes are not advised as they weaken and affect the state of your hair and prevent the dye from holding onto them.

Heat styling can dry out your hair and cause breakage, hair colour

Heat styling can dry out your hair and cause breakage

  1. Avoid heat styling tools

You may not believe it but heating tools scorch your hair strands and damage the hair cuticle.  Damaged cuticles absorb water easily, resulting in colour fade, which makes your hair look dull. So even if the colour molecules remain inside the strands, but due to weaker surface, it does not reflect light.

  1. Excessive Use of Styling Products

Certain hair oils and serums that you reach for often, in order to smooth your hair texture, tend to have the opposite effect. Few products contain hard silicones that coat the outer layer of the cuticle and attract a lot of dirt and particulates from air, thus causing the hair colour to look duller.

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These little things, if not overlooked, can help maintain the integrity and colour quality of your hair, for a long time, leaving them fresh and lively.

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