8 Signs You Are A Couple Made In Heaven


As a couple, have you ever pondered over the thought, that what is the ingredient that makes you two click? What does being compatible mean? You are said to be compatible when you match his sensibilities and other significant things that matter in a relationship. How can you check if you are compatible or not? Here are eight signs that explain aptly that you and your partner are made for each other.

You reveal everything to him: You may just realise that you have become his best friend one day; being in a committed relationship. Therefore sharing your best-kept secrets with your partner is a great thing to do. It builds more trust and lets you speak everything that dwells in that bosom of yours. You will know that you are a compatible couple, the day you start telling him almost everything.

You can see a future together:  Life seems to all rosy and beautiful sometimes being in the same space, doesn’t it? And who doesn’t like to picture a complete life with your dream man? If you can see a future with him, a life full of happiness with them, then you’re on the right path.

Do you see a future together?

Do you see a future together?

You are ready to work it out no matter what: After every fight when you push each other to end the relationship that one small part of you refuses to give in. Then comes the time when you try to work things out in any way possible because your love doesn’t finish with just one big fight. Our differences make us who we are and also make the hearts grow fonder, and therefore working around them is the best we can do. Making up after a tussle; you yourself will feel good.

You want introduce him to your family: When that Mr Right walks into your life, you wish him to be accepted by your family in the same way as you do. You will know that you have struck the right chord on the day you feel proud and confident about your man and want your parents to meet him and like him as well.

You can be your real self in front of him: To shed your inhibitions in front of your man invariably is not an easy job and can take ample amount of time. There arrives a phase when you realise that to have his whole attention, you need not be a different person. Being compatible with your guy you won’t feel conscious in front of him and you can be yourself as you are and trust me he’ll love you more that way.

You both laugh together: It not a big deal to be able to laugh together and crack jokes. It is great to know that you can humour each other sometimes in the midst of your busy life. Trust us; it is one of life’s simplest pleasures and you will definitely enjoy your relationship more.

You enjoy LOLing and being yourself with him

You enjoy LOLing and being yourself with him

You can enjoy your own space: There is nothing like you cannot enjoy your freedom when in a relationship. A compatible relationship is one where he understands you and respects your decisions. If he lets you be on your own for a while and allows you to do your thing sometimes without throwing a fit, then surely he is your man – true man.

You respect him and his actions: Sometimes bugging nut true love is when you want to spend that every irritating moment with each other, in spite of his habits too. You should always maintain respect for your man for the person that he is. And you wouldn’t want him to change himself; because that is the sole reason that made you fall for him and not for the altered person you’ll want him to be.

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