8 simple tricks to rekindle your crumbling love life!


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Relationships are often touted as demanding. As a matter of fact, you need more than just love for a sustainable, long-lasting healthy relationship. Things that happen in our everyday lives can sometimes stimulate resentment and take feelings in a whole different direction. Love gets replaced by disappointment and later by detestation. Even minor incidents that reflect apathy can lead to major tensions at times. If you just take a moment to reflect upon the clashes taking place in your relationship, you’ll notice it’s much ado about nothing and not worth bickering over.

Sure, we aren’t asking you to waste your time on a relationship that isn’t meant for you; but if somewhere, deep down in your heart you feel the relationship is worth it, do not shy away in giving it a try so that later on time doesn’t propel you to think that you didn’t give your best shot!

So, if your love life is running down the hill and you don’t know what to do, have a look at this article that will help rekindle your crumbling love life.

1.       Let bygones be bygones

Did he forget your birthday or an occasion that mattered a lot to you? And do you keep refighting over it?

Stop clinging to the past and let all the bad memories go away. Start fresh! Shift your emphasis from the days he has hurt you to the days he has comforted you. We all have drawbacks. And instead of cribbing over your partner’s drawbacks, make an effort to accept them gracefully.

2.       Cook something nice every once in a while

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whenever you get time, take it as an opportunity to show him that you still care for his taste buds! A nice chit-chat over a Sunday brunch will help to revive the lost spirit of your relationship.

3.       Do not say everything that pops into your head!

Is he becoming possessive over you day by day? Or is he taking your presence for granted? Instead of bluntly saying things like “Get over your childish insecurities!” and “Stop taking me for granted!”, have a mature conversation and find a way out! You can even opt to join a yoga class for a stronger self-control if time permits! ;)

4.       Be the best listener out there!

Whether it is about his boring board meeting or a fight with a close friend, listen to him or at least pretend to listen. Your actions should signal the soothing message that he always has a shoulder to rely on after a tough day.

5.       When things go wrong, communication comes to your rescue!

If he feels you don’t have enough time for him or if you feel certain disagreements have started brewing between the two of you, shut down all the work and talk to each other about it. Nothing works better than a healthy communication to fill in the unnecessary cracks that have formed in a beautiful relationship.

6.       Learn to live with differences

He might not be good in showing affection; but at the end of the day, he loves you. He also might not be as witty as you are, but he never fails to care for you in difficult situations.

Try to look at things from a positive perspective. Remember, it takes two to argue, but only one to stop.

7.       Go on a date with your partner

Think about the good old times where you both managed to spend time with each other and try to live it again! Go on a candle light dinner in your favorite restaurant and take long, slow walks on the beach with him! This technique will draw you both closer to each other and recreate intimacy.

8.       Never forget to take a break for yourself

Go on a shopping spree with your girlfriends or enroll yourself in a squash class. Do whatever it takes to give yourself some free time that keeps you sane. Do not make yourself too available in the process of strengthening your relationship. As an individual, you have your own identity and make sure you never lose it.

Always try to mend it before you end it. Follow these 8 tricks and start experiencing a change in your relationship!




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