8 Theme Restaurants Across India


These are the theme restaurants where the “wow” is just as, if not more, important than the chow. Agreed, the check can be a little steep, but the items in the menu will satisfy picky eaters, and most importantly — completely captivate your imaginations. Browse through for a list of where we think it’s worth the dough.

1) Wild Dining, Mumbai

Kids’ favorite, it’s known for its rustic appearance and tribal appeal.  It has a dark ambiance with sounds of the jungle played in the background. Snakes hanging from trees, the lights and the sound create a ‘jungle feel’.

Theme Restaurants In India

2) Bar Palladio, Jaipur

An Italian restaurant paying homage to the Mughal era but is very European at the same time. Located within the gardens of a historic Jaipur palace, the carved marble, glowing lanterns, beautiful upholstery and crystal glassware, all create a very mysterious ambience.

jaipur place

3) Chor Bizarre, Delhi

It is all about vintage creativity. With a car turned into buffet corner and various antiques donning the walls such as watches, lamps and pretty chairs, it looks like a thief market and serves multiple cuisines from all over the India. The walls are adorned by paintings from the golden past of India.


4) The Project Cafe, Ahmedabad

An all you can buy place which looks more like an art gallery with works of many artists and sells everything right from the quirky chairs you sit on to lifestyle accessories and designer clothing. Yes, it’s a restaurant. :P

project cafe

5) Library Bar, Bengaluru

an old school charm and heavy reminiscence of a classic ancient library, this restaurant gives you nostalgia of the Victorian era with its library themed lounge. The beautifully weathered books and dim lighting just makes this place even better.

library bar

6) Silver Metro, Hyderabad

It is themed like a train, outside section like a platform and inside section like a train compartment. The background sound of a train whizzing through the tube adds on to the theme. As far as food is concerned, they serve lip smacking North Indian and European cuisines.

Silver Metro

7) Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

The interior décor is similar to that of a prison and the staff is dressed as either wardens or inmates. A group of 4 or more is made to dine inside a cell. The enchiladas are one of their best served dishes! Anyone up for some jail time?


8) The Black Pearl, Bengaluru

If you are fascinated by the lifestyle of pirates and Captain Jack Sparrow, then you cannot miss this place. From the wooden flooring that resembles a ship’s deck to the decorative skulls and pirate eye patches, The Black Pearl gives you an experience of feasting in a pirate ship (or being held captive in one).

Black pearl

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