8 Unusual Household Hacks Of Nail Polish


We all know that clear nail polish is used to fix stocking runs. This little trick that grandma taught us will continue to be a life-saver for generations to come. But that’s not all a good nail polish can do. Apart from making our nails look pretty, here are some great and unusual household hacks of nail polish!

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Stops buttons from falling off: If you think your shirt buttons might fall off any time (maybe you’ve increased a bra-cup size, yay!) add a drop of nail polish at the back of the button to help it stay put and avoid their falling off!

Alternative to quick fix glue: If you’ve run out of glue and need to fix the heel of your stiletto, grab a nail polish! Apply a thin layer of polish on your heel and also on the place where it’s supposed to stick on your shoe and press them together. Ta-da!

Nail polished keys will help you remember which key belongs to which door, household hacks of nail polish,

Nail polished keys will help you remember which key belongs to which door

Mark your keys: Carrying a whole bunch of keys may seem like the right thing until you have to try every key in the bunch to get inside your house. And if you have to answer nature’s call urgently, it can add to your frustration. A smart trick is to mark each of your keys in a different colour of nail polish so that you can differentiate between each of them, and know which one gets you through the front door.

Paint your bobby pins: If your bobby pin has chipped its coating off, the silvery metal may poke your scalp causing injury and inflammation. Use a nail polish and paint a few coats on your pin to avoid it poking you.

DIY Nail polish phone case, household hacks of nail polish,

DIY Nail polish phone case

Create a unique phone case: If you’re bored of your old phone case, just Google for a cute pattern and use your nail polish to paint it. Voila! We bet your friends will be jealous to see your brand new phone case ;)

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Paint your headphones: Use two or more colours and paint your headphone to give them a quirky look!

Nail polished headphones  look adorably cute! household hacks of nail polish,

Nail polished headphones look adorably cute!

Fix rusty taps: If the taps in your bathroom or the bolts and hinges on your cupboard are getting rusty, paint some clear nail polish on them to prevent further damage!

Fix frayed ends of fabric: If you happen to rip a piece of fabric when you’re out with your girls, fix the frayed end with some clear polish and it won’t tear away!

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So, the next time you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above, you know your good ol’ nail polish will come to your rescue and bail you out!

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