9 Big Beauty Mistakes That Turn Him Off!


At some point in time or another, you must have noticed things your man does that made you cringe – the unkempt nails, poorly flossed teeth, sweat patches, etc. Sorry to burst your bubble, but just like the guys even girls sometimes make terrible vanity mistakes that the men seem to hate. We asked them about what works and what doesn’t…

So here are the 9 terrible beauty mistakes that turn him off!

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Too much perfume would take his breath away, literally!

Too much perfume would take his breath away, literally!

Perfume overload: If you thought that smelling good will turn your guy on as fast as flicking a switch, stop right there. Perfume overload is not sexy! The men would want you to smell fresh but still smell like you and not what Coco Chanel wants you to. If you use an Eau de parfum, you just need to spritz thrice and if you like to use Eau de toilette then spritzing 4 times should do it.

Too much foundation: Painting your face with layers upon layers of foundation, concealer, highlighter and powder will not only change the way your natural face looks like, but it might get cakey and freak him out. Not to mention rub off on his shirt while you make out. To avoid this mishap, use a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer or the newest in the beauty industry, the BB and CC creams, and opt for the ‘no-makeup makeup look’. We promise you your guy will totally be head over heels for you!

Go out with spidery lashes and he'll think you've come straight from a Halloween party

Go out with spidery lashes and he’ll think you’ve come straight from a Halloween party

Spidery lashes: One wrong wrist move and your eyelashes will turn into spiders (so to speak). Instead of adding long and spidery false eyelashes, just swipe a single layer of mascara and you’re good to go!

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Dry, flaky skin: There is nothing sexier than smooth, healthy and glowing skin. And the guys agree! Dry skin, rough knees and elbows, and flaky, wrinkled hands are such turn-offs. But thankfully, there is an easy way out to fake soft, smooth, summer fresh and glowing skin. Use a moisturizing lotion with SPF 30 immediately after a shower and just before stepping out (do this every day) to get soft and supple skin.

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Leg stubble:  If you feel lazy to pick up the razor then simply don’t! Because you’ll end up doing a bad shaving job. It’s better to be un-shaved and covered rather than going out with messily shaved stubble legs that are totally cringe-worthy. Head to a salon for a wax or take your time to carefully remove every strand of hair on your limbs.

Fake spray tans leave an orange-ish tint on your skin, making you look like an alien

Fake spray tans leave an orangish tint on your skin, making you look like an alien

Fake tan: The subtle bronze glow that a jog in the sun gives you is sexy. But the orange-ish fake tan that you pay hundreds of bucks for is not! If you want the beachy skin tone then use a little bit of bronzer on your shoulders and cleavage and he’ll go weak in the knees at your sight!

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Stiff, elaborate hair: He may not have told you but he loves to play with your hair. And let’s admit it, you think it’s cute. So why spoil this cute moment by getting an elaborate hair-do with lots of pomade and hair-stiffening sprays going on? Try to opt for simple ponytails or a half updos that are more relaxed and romantic. Ensure to use a good shampoo and conditioner for smooth and tangle-free hair.

Smokey-eye overload: For you it may be a simple and innocent smokey-eye, but for him it’s panda eyes. Try to go for a nude eye look or just lightly smudge some kohl on your upper and lower lash line.

Over the top smokey eyes, bold lips and neon nails are definitely not sexy!

Over the top smokey eyes, bold lips and neon nails are definitely not sexy!

Bold, neon lips/nails: Guys like a little bit of colour on your lips and nails. But the idea of coral lips and glittery or glow in the dark nails would intimidate any man. Or maybe even freak him out. Try to go for pale pinks, mauves, nudes or a simple basic red for your lip and nail needs.

So make sure you avoid these beauty faux pas especially in front of your guy!

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