9 things you need to know about mascara


No eye makeup is ever complete without a touch of the magic wand that we like to call – Mascara. It’s the perfect finishing touch for the eyes. If you are one of us, who likes to swear by our mascara, then you probably might want to take the tips mentioned below to know how to put your favourite mascara to best use.



Although it may come as a shock to some, but mascara doesn’t last too long. Its shelf life is a maximum of 4-5 months, after which you must dispose it off. Otherwise you would end up risking bacterial infections.


When it’s time to throw away the mascara, you don’t necessarily have to throw the wand. Save it, wash it, and use it to groom your brows.


The most important rule in eye-make up is: always remove it before going to bed. Leaving mascara on your lashes while you sleep will only make your lashes dry and stiff and it could potentially damage your cornea! So, please make sure you take all traces of mascara off before sleeping.



Every girl loves sexy and voluminous lashes. Increase the voluminous effect of your mascara by applying a small amount of baby powder to your lashes with a cotton ball. Apply your mascara in 2-3 coats for dramatic and voluminous lashes.


Just like every other part of our body, our eye lashes also need moisturising. Use some olive oil or baby oil to keep them healthy.


Using waterproof mascara on a daily basis can be really tricky to remove. Continuous tugging can cause breakage of your delicate lashes. Try using regular mascara if you have to. But waterproof mascara is best for teary moments or rainy days only.

Don’t smudge:

Hold a spoon or a business card just above the lash line and then proceed to apply mascara. This will help against staining your lashes with the excess mascara.

Clear coat your lashes:


Use a transparent coat on top of your mascara to seal it and avoid running or smudging.

Find your match:

There are too many types of mascara out there to choose from; so make sure you pick the right one. Pick one that suits your needs whether in terms of volume, length or density.

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