9 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Single Person


Would you believe me if I told you, that all my friends know me so well and completely know what to say when.  If you do, well, let me tell you this: it’s NOT true. There are times when some of my friends actually go ahead and say things that they shouldn’t be saying to me. Simply because it sounds rude in my current situation (read: singledom). Alas! I’m yet to find my knight in shining armour; but whenever I bring up this topic with my friends, they totally blow my head off! So here’s a compilation of certain things that you must never, I repeat, NEVER say to a single person. If you do, there’s a good chance they’ll kill you.

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“Love will happen when you least expect it…”


Seriously guys, what makes you think I expect love out of ‘every guy’ I meet? Plus, I don’t think there is anything wrong in expecting some affection from your current admirer (isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?)

“You’re still single? Wow, how many bad dates have you been on?”


Reply: “You’re still here? Wow, how do manage to be so rude and still exist?” And by the way, that’s the last time I’m seeing your face.

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“You’re too picky!”


Gosh! What have you got to do with my taste and vision? Why should I lower my standards and settle for less? Just why?

“It just wasn’t meant to be”


Really? If you knew it why didn’t you tell me before I got dumped!

“But you’re so cute! I don’t believe you haven’t found anyone yet”


Is this even a compliment or a harsh remark? Go away…

“There are plenty of good guys/girls out there.” Or “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.”


Oh, thank you for reminding me! Isn’t it crazy that despite so many good guys/girls being out there I haven’t come across a single nice person? (You included!)

“But why are you still single?”


God, I don’t know! Now stop pinching me where it hurts.

“Well, when Rahul and I got together…”


Stop right there or I will shoot you. I’m not done talking about myself yet.

“You need to put yourself out there”


“I’m sorry, where exactly? And how do you know I’m not doing all I can to find love? I think you people need to put yourselves out there…in the graveyard.”

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