A Poem For Bollywood’s Versatile Queen, Deepika Padukone


Her dark, shapely eyes,

Will never fail to mesmerize.

Deepika eyes

Her indisputably genuine smile,

Makes your gazing at her worthwhile!

Deepika padukone_ smile

Her towering stature,

And her super svelte figure,

Makes a man’s heart sway,

And takes a girl’s breath away!

Deepika Padukone height and figure

One good look at her dimple,

Will unfailingly make your eyes twinkle.


You don’t want us to tell you woh hai kaun!

Yes, you’re right… it’s Bollywood’s versatile queen, Deepika Padukone!

Deepika Padukone

[This poem was contributed by The Brunette Diaries to Club Deepika P (Deepika's Fan Club on Twitter) and was published in their March 2015 edition of Crazen magazine.]



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