Air Dry Your Hair The Right Way For Gorgeous Locks!


If you pay close attention to people with naturally gorgeous hair, you’ll realize that they don’t do much to maintain them. No product overload, no heat styling, no letting the hair loose all the time nor tying the hair too tight. How do these people get to rock beautiful locks without doing anything while I pay hundreds and thousands of bucks on products, salon treatments and blow dryers and still look like a tramp? Not happening! If you’re wondering the same thing, here’s good news. The only thing you need to do to fix your bad hair days is just wash them and let them be.  That’s right! Your hair looks the best when not tampered with! But you need to learn the proper technique air dry your hair the right way if you want to get the Hollywood air dried look (hello Ashley Olsen!) Here’s how to air dry your hair the right way!

Girl air drying her hair, air dry your hair

You don’t need to do much to get gorgeous locks; simply air dry your hair and voila!

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The right products:

The base of every good hairstyle starts in the shower. Ask your hair stylist to recommend the best shampoo and conditioner with UV protection as per your hair type. If you have oily hair then a clarifying shampoo and a hydrating conditioner is the best bet. For the dry and rough haired girls, go for a moisturizing and volumizing one.

The right technique:

Washing your hair doesn’t mean lathering up and vigorously rubbing your hair together. You’ll only end up creating more frizz. Wash your hair gently, starting with the scalp and massaging the product in and continue to gently massage along the length of your hair. Wash off with cool water.

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Using a microfiber towel (invest in a good quality one, it will last a lifetime) blot out the excess water from your hair and avoid rubbing the towel along the hair. Friction is not good for your hair as it weakens the hair cuticle and causes breakage and frizz. No wrapping your hair up in a towel either!

Comb through:

Girl running fingers through her hair, air dry your hair

Run your fingers through your hair, and let it air dry

Yes, even though you’ve heard that you mustn’t comb or brush your hair while it’s wet, the right way to dry your hair requires you to gently comb the ends of your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb made of wood (the more natural, the better) and be very gentle when handling your hair. Comb the ends of your hair and remove any tangles from the middle section of the shaft using your fingers. Then, set your part where it tends to fall naturally, and air dry your hair just like that!

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Ask your stylist for the best product for your needs when it comes to a smoothening cream or serum. This will ensure you have minimal fly-aways and zero frizz. The goal is to look completely natural and effortless so stay away from gels, mousse and pomades.

Comb through (again):

Once your hair is completely dry, you might notice some fly-aways. Don’t worry, just use the same wide-toothed comb and run it through your hair once again and that should take care of it. Presto! Gorgeous Hollywood hair without heat or styling!

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That’s how easy it is to air dry your hair. I hope all our readers will ditch the heat styling tools now :)

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