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Every girl wants to look her best at all times. And only a girl will understand how much pain she goes through to look beautiful for herself first and foremost and then perhaps for that special someone in her life. She goes to the gym and slogs her ass off for the ‘hot bod’. Then she gets waxed, threaded, bleached, and honestly these things are not for the faint of heart. You need time, energy and courage to go through that much. So ideally we women are much stronger and receptive of pain than the men out there, and should be appreciated a lot more than what we are.

While we are at it, let’s talk about the most opted for beauty treatment these days – bikini wax. After working out day and night for months on end, you wouldn’t want any excess hair to ruin the look of the sexiness that you acquired. Waxing is the post popular way of hair removal especially because it requires minimal upkeep and its effects last quite long. Keeping your bikini line looking pretty and hairless is crucial if you’re planning to go swimming. In such a scenario, a bikini wax is your best bet. Let’s look a little deeper into the aesthetics.

The perfect bikini body is one with a pretty bikini line (source:

The perfect bikini body is one with a distraction-free, pretty bikini line (Source:

What is Bikini wax?

During a bikini wax, a technician spreads hot wax over the skin on the bikini line, and then sticks a cloth to the wax before pulling it out uprooting the unwanted hair. If you require a large amount of hair removal then you may opt for a Brazilian wax.

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What is Brazilian wax?

The good old bikini wax has a relatively younger cousin called as Brazilian wax. It covers a larger part of your pubic area and leaves you with little or no hair at all.

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In order to decide which type of waxing technique works for you, you must ask yourself a few important questions. The two main ones being: How much hair do you want to get rid of? And how much exposure are you comfortable with in front of the salon specialist? This will help you decide which type of technique you want to opt for.

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Ask the salon speciaist about the specifications of a treatment before going for it

Ask the salon specialist about the specifications of a treatment before going for it

Bikini wax vs. Brazilian wax

For the most unabashed out there, a full Brazilian wax, where you get maximum hair removal with full exposure of your modesty, is an option. This type of wax is also called ‘sphinx bare wax’ or Hollywood wax and it leaves you completely hairless from your belly button to your bottom. During the procedure, you will have to be naked from the waist down, and move about into various positions so the technician can reach every hair in your pubic area. On the other hand, a simple bikini wax will get rid of all the hair that is exposed while you’re wearing your bikini panty. This means you would not have to bare your privates in front of the technician. The basic bikini wax is more common in the Indian society due to the stigma that restricts the women from exposing their modesty.

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DIY basic bikini wax

If you are brave enough (or modest enough not to expose your privates to a technician) then you can consider doing your own bikini wax. For a basic bikini wax, you only need a pair of scissors, some hot wax, strips of clean cloth and a spatula. If you are trying it for the first time, let a friend or your sister help you. Before you start smearing hot wax on your privates, check the length of your hair – it should be less than an inch long. It you feel it’s longer than that, you can snip it with the scissors. Finally, wash and thoroughly dry yourself, because the wax may not stick on moist skin. Using the spatula, smear a thin layer of wax on the area you want wax, and after a second or two, place the cloth strip on it carefully. Be sure to apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth. Press ever so lightly, and rip out the unwanted hair by pulling off the strip in the opposite direction of your hair.

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Why get a bikini wax?

There are many benefits of a bikini wax that makes it worth the inconsequential pain. Unlike the common belief, bikini wax isn’t always painful. It may cause certain discomfort during the first few times but with repeated sittings, the hair tends to get thinner and easier to remove causing less or no pain. Also, the hair takes a while to grow back that means you won’t see any stubble within a day or two!

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