All You Need To Know About Vajacial…Er Vagina Facial!


Bizarre beauty trends keep surfacing from time to time but the most recent one has both created a stir and curiosity among the fairer sex. If you thought that the ‘vajazzle’ (pubic region decorated with dazzling fake jewels) was the limit, take a deep breath because there’s more. The Vagacial is exactly what sounds like –  a vagina facial. As if a Brazilian wax wasn’t enough for our lady bits, relationship expert, image consultant and cougar coach Lisa Palmer has come up with the ‘vagina facial’, and claims that it gave her ‘the vagina of a 25 year old’. Never mind that her treatment only remained for the vulva and not the vaginal walls (thank goodness!). I find it a bit absurd and unnecessary, but supporters of the trend have their own good reasons.

Nevertheless, here is all you need to know about vagacial or vagina facial or vagi-facial. Pfft!

A vagina facial is new trend taking the beauty industry by the storm

A vagina facial is a new trend that’s taking the beauty industry by storm

The vagina facial treatment is supposed to be taken a week after you wax your nether regions. It involves (more or less) the same steps that a regular facial includes. Some steaming, some massage and applying vitamins to the intimate area. Vaginal steam bath has been a popular down-south treatment but we gotta say, Lisa is breaking all the records!

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Her at-home recipe for a Vagacial (vagina facial) includes some coconut oil, vitamin E cream, honey and egg white (yes, egg white on your genitals) mixed, warmed and applied to the pubic region and on the vulva. Lisa suggests getting the vagina facial everyday for a week at first and then once a week along with some pelvic floor exercises or kegels, will make your lady bits smooth, wrinkle-free and even tighten the skin around the area.

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I know it is supposed to be fun relaxing technique and if it works for you, good for you. But I just don’t get the point of the whole trend. Why does my vagina need a facial? As far as I know and what my ob-gyn suggests, plain water and a gentle soap is all a woman needs for proper hygiene. Also, the vagina creates its own pH balance so there’s no need for any ‘treatment’, is there? We know that most girls are taught to think of their delicate regions as ‘dirty’ (a disgusting marketing strategy was when a product encouraged women to ‘disinfect’ their genitals!) but here’s the thing; thanks but no thanks!

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The bottom line is that wrinkled or darkened skin, colour variance, freckles and ingrown hair aren’t ‘problems’, they’re ‘normal’. What do you say? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time!

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