All You Needed To Know About Hair Mousse


You may get a bit intimidated when you first hear the word ‘hair mousse’. But that can be forgiven considering the hype it created a decade ago. Back in the days, a hair mousse was only used to define, tame, or emphasize curly hair. But now technology has come a long way; the nourishing and moisturizing properties in hair mousse today, work on all types of hair whether fine or voluminous, thin or thick. Here is all you ever needed to know about hair mousse:

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Hair mousse is a foamy moisturizing hair styling product

Hair mousse is a foamy moisturizing hair styling product

What does mousse do?

The bottled-up foam called mousse is so versatile that you can maintain almost any type of hairstyle on a daily basis without much build-up. It makes your hair soft at the same time, gets rid of flyaways and tames unruly hair.

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How to use it?

Most bottles of mousse come in a metal can with a nozzle that dispenses that foam. Shake up the bottle and dispense a little product on your palm. Remember a little goes a long way, so you only need a small amount (the size of a golf ball). If you use a bit too much, then don’t be surprised at how sticky and greasy your hair will look.

Work the mousse gently between your palms and into the roots of your hair going all the way to the tips. You can use a wide toothed brush to apply the product evenly to your hair. It’s better to apply mousse to damp hair and then style it the way you want. With its super versatile formula, you may choose to blow dry or air-dry it the way you want. 

Use a nourishing hair mousse to style your hair like Johnny Depp's

Use a nourishing hair mousse to style your hair like Johnny Depp’s

What styles can you make?

The answer is simple – you make just about any style or not make one at all! The light formula of a hair mousse allows you to wear it without weighing your hair down; so you can simple work some if it into semi-wet hair and scrunch it up a bit if want added volume. And you’re good to go!

If you like a more edgy appearance, you can create a number of updos and braided looks with a hair mousse. Because a mousse adds volume to the hair, even people with fine hair can rock any look they want.  What’s more you don’t even need to re-touch your hair once it has set.

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Who can use it?

Although hair mousse was earlier used for taming extremely curly hair earlier, its formula has changed over the time. The alcohol that dried out your hair has been replaced with moisture boosters and volume enhancers and you’ll find a suitable product for every type, and texture of hair.

There are special formulas that men can also use. Who wants the sticky pomade when a creamy, whipped foam can do the job better!

 Why is it better?

Nothing can nourish the hair better than hair mousse. Hair wax is too sticky and greasy, serums require innumerable touch-ups, and some gels just make you feel like you have a porcupine on your head. A hair mousse can give you all the nourishment, plus hold that you require to maintain your hairstyle throughout the day.

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