Amazing DIY Ways To Re-wear Your Old Clothes!


Do you still have that cute old T-shirt your best friend gave you at the farewell party three years ago? Maybe it doesn’t fit you well or doesn’t look that good on you now, or maybe you’ve worn it so many times that it looks a bit washed out. Nonetheless, if you still have it, if you can’t seem to give it away or throw it, then you’re probably emotionally attached to this piece of clothing. Not to worry! You can re-cycle and re-wear your favorite T-shirt in amazing new DIY ways! How about turning it into a halter top or a tube top? Sure, why not! Here’s how to re-cycle and re-wear your old clothes.

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T-Shirt To Halter Top:

This T-shirt-halter-top is so easy-to-make; you don't even need to sew it!

This T-shirt-halter-top is so easy-to-make; you don’t even need to sew it!

You will need:

A pair of scissors

An old V-neck T-shirt (that’s it, no sewing needed!)

 Step 1: Place your old T-shirt on a flat working surface. Use the scissors to carefully cut along the back border of the V-neck collar of your tee. The border of the V-neck collar will hang loose like a loop but do not cut the loop itself.

Step 2: Cut 1/4th of the front border of your V-neck from both the sides to make the neckline of your halter top.

Step 3: Now make two slanting lines starting from the point where your T-shirt rests on your arm pit up to the point where you cut along the front border of your V-neck collar. Your T-shirt should look something like this:

Step 4: Now fold the front part of your T-shirt as shown in the picture and flatten it on the work surface. Cut the back part of the tee and save the remaining fabric for later use.

Step 5: Now fold your T-shirt in half joining the side seams and lay it flat on the work surface. One one side of the seam is your halter top’s front side and on the other side is the back. All you need to do is cut along the joined edge of the halter top’s back and you’re done!

Wear it and tie a knot at the back. Doesn’t it look pretty!

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T-Shirt To Tube Top:

15 minutes is all it takes to turn your old T-shirt into a cute tube top!

15 minutes is all it takes to turn your old T-shirt into a cute tube top!

You will need:

An old T-shirt

A pair of scissors

Needle and thread

Safety pins

Straight pins


A foot ruler

A pen

Step 1: Start by turning the T-shirt inside-out. Make a small slit in the hem of the T-shirt. Use the elastic to measure the circumference of your chest (above your breasts, just under the arm pits). Cut out the elastic of the measure, and then cut out another inch or two of the elastic to make it slightly smaller. Using a safety pin, sew the elastic into the slit you made at the hem of your t-shirt. Go all around and bring the other end of the elastic out from the other side. Sew the elastic together and tuck it in.

Step 2: Make a straight line using a ruler and a pen, just under your T-shirt neckline and extend it all the way to both sides. Cut along this line so have a straight edge. Use a sewing machine or hand-sew the hem of the edge.

Step 3: You’ll notice that your sleeves are hanging awkwardly from your tee. Let’s turn them into pockets! Place the sleeves diagonally on the front of the t-shirt and secure them with safety pins. Then sew the part of the sleeves that’s touching the T-shirt, using a needle and some thread. These will serve as pockets.

Step 4: Turn the T-shirt inside out and sew the open side of the sleeves together to avoid anything from slipping out when you put something in the ‘pocket’. 

And voila! Your cute little tube top is ready! In case you’re wondering, you need to wear it bottom-side-up ;)

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So which one are you going to turn that tee into?

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