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How many times have you sulked when you had to part with your favourite bra because the straps look like they belong to another era? How many times have you excitedly rushed home to try your Mickey-Mouse printed brand new undies, only to realize that they are awfully tight around your legs? Happens with everybody, right? :)

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This article is all about the simple solutions to some of the most common underwear problems that all women face. Bookmark this page because it holds all those secret lingerie hacks that you might ever need!

- Wondering how celebrities flaunt those sexy strapless dresses whereas you have to rush to the washroom every hour to keep it from falling? Well, well, put those removable straps to use by wrapping them securely around the circumference of your bra band. Feeling tighter at the ribcage? Good… now step out in confidence.


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- Underwire bras sure support boobies really well, but getting constantly poked by the wire isn’t the best feeling in the world! Push the underwire back and stick a piece of fuzzy moleskin (Velcro) over it. Voila!

- Since real women are unfortunately not blessed with the shapely figure of a runway model, our panties sit perfectly at the waist but are tight around the legs. Stretch the tighter part before your wear it initially; after a few washes and stretches, it will fit you snugly ;)


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- Don’t want your bra straps from peeping out of a racerback or tank top? No problem! The humble paper clip comes to help. Use it to hold both the straps together in an X-shape at the back.

- Don’t panic when you spot a rip or a run in your stockings! Grab a bottle of hair spray or clear nail polish and apply it to the affected area. Let it dry and there… you’ve prevented it from tearing any further!

- The band of a bra is a little too tight even in the loosest clasp, but the cups perfectly carry your twins? Extend the band by attaching a bra extender. Or better still, sew the clasp band of an old bra to create one long, extended closure.
- Peeping, discoloured bra straps garnering distasteful glances from people? Replace the dull straps with brand new ones that are easily available in the market. If in case a bra doesn’t boast of detachable straps, cut the straps off and sew new ones in their place.
P. S. – You could also turn a boring bra into a lacy one by sewing lace trims on the straps.


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- Test the fit of your bra with the someone’s help. The ideal space between your bra band and your back should be two fingers; it’s tight if you can’t slide two fingers in and loose if you can slide more in.
- Bra straps digging painfully into your shoulders? Take the help of strap cushions that are easily available on online shopping portals.


Do you, too, have a secret lingerie hack? Share it with your sisters by commenting below, because after all, one woman would help another ;)

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