An Ardent Fan Of Deepika Writes An Open Letter To The Star


When we associated with Club Deepika P (Deepika Padukone fan club on Twitter) , one of the members of our office simply came rushing towards me. She was like, “Pleeeeeeeeease, I want to meet Deepika. If not meet, at least help me connect with her… pass on my message to her… something!”

Then, I had a word with the Club’s admin who proposed that this young DP fanatic write an open letter for Deepika, so that not only the actress but also the world reads it. That’s how this letter came into being! :)

This letter was contributed by The Brunette Diaries to Club Deepika P, and was published in their March 2015 edition of Crazen magazine.

Have a look!

Deepika Padukone hot

Hiiiii Deepika,

This is the first time I am writing a letter to you, and I’m already feeling so excited.

I still remember having seen you for the first time in “Kya aap Close-Up karte hain” ad, and I found you so, so cute and adorable! Then came the Himesh Reshammiya video, and I was like ‘She deserves to be in Bollywood, she will be immensely popular’. And I’m so glad, I was right! :D

I am a fan of not only your sweet smile, stunning face and attractive personality, but I also love how you conduct yourself in public and media. You’re so refined, yet not fake. It’s your genuineness that brings a smile on my face whenever I see you smile. You are undoubtedly the queen of Bollywood today, yet your humility is visible in everything you do. All these are your biggest USPs, Deepika; and knowing your upbringing, I’m sure you’ll never lose them :)

I know I don’t need to tell you this, but you’re an inspiration for several people across planet earth. Your humility, your demeanor, your kind and saaf dil… I love everything! :) :) :)

I have been collecting your photos since the past 8 years, and have more than 30,000 photos of you – sourced from your films, events, parties, photo-shoots, “Spotted”, and all. No matter how blurred those images are, I save them… “coz it’s Deepika”, after all! Hahaha! :P

I don’t know if I should say this – but in ‘YJHD’, I was feeling very bad for you, Deepika… coz it reminded me of your love for Ranbir, and I was wondering how much emotional strain it would have been for you shooting with him (though you could not admit it in public, for obvious reasons, of course)! :(

However, when it comes to Ranveer ( :D ) I love how his energy complements your subtle and sober demeanor! I hope this relationship is a lasting one, that brings both of you happiness! *Touchwood* :)

There is so much I want to tell you, but I just don’t know what all to say! All I can say is, whenever you’ve been happy, I’ve felt content, and whenever you feel sad or down (especially because of someone) I get furious!

All my friends, relatives, my college mates, and even my housemaid know how crazy I am for you! In fact, there have been times when they brought newspaper cuttings of you for me to add to my collection :D

As of now, I’m hoping you’re smiling, coz I am having this huge grin on my face, but my heart is pounding – both for the same reason – I am writing to YOU :D

Love you, Deeeeeeepikaaaaaa!

You’re my queen… foreverrrr and everrrr and everrrr! :D



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