An effective discipline module


The word discipline has been bracketed as harsh, strict and tough in today’s world. The reason for this is the wrong approach to discipline. Disciplining your kids, in fact, involves creating a healthy and comforting family environment. Teaching your kids to be happy and well adjusted in life is not supposed to be an inconvenient and displeasing experience. It shouldn’t be forcing your kids to obey; it involves much more than that. Let us look at an effective discipline module you can follow to ensure discipline is an experience that brings joy.

Discipline should not be rigid; it should have space for opinion differences. Be sure to maintain a healthy conversation while disciplining your child. For discipline to be effective, it must involve:


RespectRespect is one more two-sided aspect. If you respect your child’s opinion and talk to him/her with respect then it will be proper to expect him/her to respect you as a parent. If you do not, you can’t expect him/her to respect you willingly.

ConsistencyDon’t cause confusion in your children’s minds. Be sure to maintain consistency regarding the rules in certain issues of concern.

FairnessBe fair while disciplining your child. The consequences of their actions should be proportional to their behaviour. Having extreme punishments for petty issues is going to cause resentment in their minds.

BondingBe sure to maintain a rapport with your child wherein he can share things with you without fear. If you manage to do this then you can expect him/her to be disciplined without even telling, just to please you.


Spend time with your child each day. Do not let your work get in the way of family time. Be comforting to your child; let the person he/she wants to hug when they are feeling low be you. Don’t be a boring parent at the same time, try doing fun things together. If you follow these ground rules then you can be sure to enjoy a healthy disciplining experience with good results.

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