Are Best Friends Really Forever?


Each one of us needs companionship in something or rather someone. It could be our spouse, a parent, a sibling, a friend, or even a pet. Friendship is a word with many definitions. But while searching for its true meaning, one ends up finding it in a person. Why so? Because it is human nature to find companionship in a living thing (although for me, it is completely normal to find happiness in inanimate objects too e.g. my beloved books!) These days, most people have become less close to their families and more into their BFFs (Best Friends Forever).

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Best friends are those with whom you can be the crazy person you really are

Best friends are those with whom you can be the crazy person you really are

My baby cousin heard the term somewhere and asked what it meant. And to my surprise I did not have a satisfactory answer for my own heart and soul. So I just told her, Best Friends Forever means all the people and things that she will see around her when she is upset. But once she pranced back to play in her Barbie doll house, I wondered what do you really mean by BFFs? I tried to remember all my friends from junior school, high school, college and MBA, I remembered all their names but the trust remains that most of us aren’t even in touch. And we always referred to each other as BFFs. Not to forget, there were also some fake friends along the way; I guess I made the wrong choices but I learned my lesson at the right time.

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The real essence of friendship can only be learnt by noticing what kind of a friend ‘we’ are. Making 500 odd friends on Facebook cannot guarantee that you understand the meaning of true friendship. Take a close look at what type of a friend are you. Are you a good friend? We all would like to think so. But look back a few years; if you feel like you don’t really know the people you called friends, then probably it’s time to move on.

Best friends will always be by your side, in all cases under any circumstances

Best friends will always be by your side, you can count on them in all cases under any circumstances

That said, ‘Best Friends Forever’ can exist. A best friend is person who has stayed by your side during your highs and lows, laughed with you, cried with you, stopped you from doing the wrong things, and encouraged you to go after all the right things in life. This person could be anyone, but I’ve noticed that mostly it’s our parents – atleast for me it’s my mom. In today’s times, the meaning of friendship has sadly reduced to a limit which is governed by materialistic wishes. A person who stays with you for only so long as you are in a good and happy space and leaves you when you are down and broken isn’t a friend at all. So the question that my baby cousin had asked me has many answers. Everyone has an answer of their own… You only need to fall a few times to get your answer.

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