Are horoscope predictions true?


On knowing a person’s birthday date, one easily relates it to their respective zodiac sign by saying, ‘Oh! You are a Capricorn. I knew it from your mannerisms’. Does this mean that horoscopes and astrologic predictions are true? zodiac Astrology started as fortune-telling and eventually grew into what it is today. There are two primary ways of predicting astrology – western and Vedic, out of which the latter is the Indian form of predicting horoscopes, to be precise, in Hinduism. During ancient times, the ancestors of Hindu community put their heart and soul in checking horoscopes of newborns and matching them before marriage. Even today, every newspaper has a column for horoscope predictions. Though the level of excitement to believe in astrology reduced over time, even today it plays an important role in fixing Hindu marriages. It is believed that marriages are made in heaven; but in reality, the word heaven should be replaced by astrology. In Hindu culture it is strongly believed that compatibility of a man and woman should be checked by matching their kundli before marriage. But, the question here is, do horoscopes predict reality? Correlating nine planets and comparing moon and stars is one way of matching eligible couples for their matrimonial relationship; and checking the compatibility by becoming friends and knowing each other’s likes and dislikes is another way of getting married. It is said that two people who love each other can never unite if their horoscope compatibility is less than average. Does it mean that many love marriages ended in divorce because they believed in love more than horoscope compatibility? This is a much debatable topic. Even though the modern society does not believe too much of astrology, it is proven to be right many times. There are plenty of stories about people whose horoscope predictions have come true. astrology Although many facts that our ancestors believed in may not hold true in this century, it is important to know that not all their productive time have gone for a waste. As far as astrology is concerned, the predictions seem true more often than not. Those who believe in it are benefitted and for those who don’t, life moves on.



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