Are you a control freak?


People who are control freaks usually do not know this about themselves. They always have a rational explanation about their behaviour. They feel that they are pushing themselves on others and taking over every little project that there is because the person in charge would definitely make a mistake. They make decisions about everything as if their life depended on it. Have you just started feeling that you might be one too? Read on to analyze the signs.

  1. You always analyze people and figure out things that they need to change about themselves. You may even help them in changing these and will derive happiness in the same.
  2. You are a perfectionist and believe that people around you should be so too, so much so that you begin managing them to make them fit your unrealistic expectations.
  3. There is always a right and a wrong side for you, and you often judge people’s behavior on these metrics. You might not however always voice these opinions.
  4. You are a chameleon of sorts and behave differently around different people, according to their perception of you. You do this to be socially accepted.
  5. You are a fear monger. If you do not want a person to behave a certain way, you try to influence their behavior by telling them the worst possible outcome of their actions.
  6. You cannot accept situations where you do not know the entire truth and are left hanging.
  7. You get in the middle of arguments that you are not a part of and try to explain the behaviour of the person held responsible for the conflict.

Control freaks find their happiness in changing people. They try to control everybody around them and believe that no one is ever good enough. If you just realized that you are one, don’t worry, it is not too late to mend ways. Try to restore your faith in people and find happiness in yourself. Stop worrying about work that is assigned to other people. Learn to accept the world with its unknowns and it will be a much better place for you to live in.

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