Are you a negative thinker?


You cannot stop thinking a certain way. You can only start thinking a new way. It is essential to stop thinking negative and start thinking positive. Thought is an electrical energy and it takes one second to change it. What you think about and in what way you think about it is your decision. While emotions take a longer time to amend, the initial change must be of your thought process regarding a matter. If you are one of those who aren’t sure if you are looking at the world through rose tinted glasses, below are some common disempowering thinking filters termed as ‘cognitive distortions’ that indicate negative thinking:

Some people cling to negativity

Some people cling to negativity

All or nothing thinking

You either think that it will happen or it won’t. Like judging colour as black or white, and never grey. There isn’t a shade of positivity. If it hasn’t happened, it never will.

Over generalization

Many people tend to have stereotypes in their minds about certain issues. One experience in their life brands a person or thing that way for life. Examples of such thinking are people that say that all men are alike.

Some people gloss on the negative and ignore the positive

Some people gloss on the negative and ignore the positive

Gloss over positive and magnify the negative

Then there are some others who amplify the negative and ignore the positive. For example, if you praise her dress, she’d reply, “Oh this one? I got it from the market down the road. Cheap stuff… not so great… it’s a defected piece.”

Clinging to negative views

There are some that only have a negative outlook on everything they are asked about. For example, if you ask such people why they don’t go to the gym, the immediate reply would be “I don’t like the people there.”

Jumping to conclusions

Do not jump to conclusions

Do not jump to conclusions

Another type of negative thinking involves jumping to conclusions. If a certain incident occurs, they believe that the outcome has something to do with his/her life. For example, “She hasn’t called, I’m sure she doesn’t like me.”

Thinking negative can make your decisions hazy and unclear to deliver. Try to think positive so you can rid yourself of such filters and make decisions easily.

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