Tips For A Travelling Diva


Travelling alone is a great way to discover new places, meet new people and more importantly, it provides an opportunity to discover your own self. Our daily lives are deluged by work pressure and family responsibilities; and amidst all this, we somewhere fail to give time to our own selves. Being a travelling diva, all alone and spending quality time with your own self, you definitely get to learn a lot of new things about yourself that you were previously oblivious to. It is the time when you can experience freedom and confidence!

But travelling alone, especially for women comes with its own set of challenges and you need to be a bit street smart to overcome them so that ultimately you are just left with the memories of an unforgettable trip.


1.      Be on alert mode

When you are travelling alone, you have to be a bit extra cautious about even things that don’t matter much. For example not taking a train with empty coaches, not passing through a deserted street, being careful while taking cabs (make sure you have a map and read out the directions placed on the road). Make sure you carry all the important documents like passport, visa and even money carefully and they aren’t in a place that is easily accessible to others. Make friends but do not allow them to get too close, after all they are still strangers to you. Instead, you can try to stick to families at public transports or places of attraction for your own safety.

 2.      Research well about the destination

Find out about the culture of the place you are visiting. Whether the people belong to a conservative and orthodox society or rather have liberal ideologies, what types of dresses are worn, what kind of language is spoken and what gestures are considered offensive. For example, restaurants in Japan consider tipping degrading, smiling at strangers is considered rude in Russia and talking with your hands in your pockets in Germany is considered being mannerless.

Research about the crime rate of that place, the type of thinking people have (especially towards tourists) and then plan your trip accordingly so that later you don’t end up landing in the soup. Also, ensure that the hotel you choose has good security facilities.

 3.      Keep in touch with family and friends

With the internet and applications like Skype and WhatsApp, we can always be in touch with our loved ones, no matter where we are. Keep updating them about your plans and the next spot you’ll be visiting. Talk to them regularly so that they know where you are.

 4.      Be confident

Even though you are alone, don’t let others feel that you are diffident and don’t know much about the place. Do not act gullible. There are chances that some people will try to con you. Walk freely and confidently as if you know that place very well to avoid unwanted attention. Try to roam around the place during daytime and choose your dresses sensibly after observing the women you see around you.


The decision to go on a stimulating trip alone can be one of your best decisions, but keep the above mentioned tips in mind to be on the safer side. Good luck and bon voyage! J



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