Are you just self obsessed, or is it NPD?


Self obsession is the new thing on the block. People consider it cool to be in love with themselves. It is good for your confidence if you find yourself attractive. But you need to understand that there is a thin line between self love and narcissism. Many people nowadays, unknowingly, suffer from NPD i.e. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Answer these few simple questions to know.

  1. Do you prod people in a bid to hear them praising you?
  2. Think of three negative qualities in you. Were you unable to name more than 3 things wrong about yourself?
  3. Do you get disturbed when someone gets more attention than you do?
  4. Do you think people ought to follow you?
  5. During a tiff, do you see your mistake as trivial or nothing in comparison to what the other person has done?
  6. While getting ready for a party or function, do you aim to be showered with compliments?
  7. Do you think you are someone who can impress anyone easily?
  8. Do you think of only your intentions and wishes before those of others?
  9. Do you love admiring your face in the mirror or photos?
  10.  When someone shares their problems with you, do you feel they are being a drama queen?
  11. Do you enjoy it when you are the centre of attraction (positively, of course) at a social do?
  12. Do you think they are hitting on you when someone of the opposite gender compliments you or strikes a conversation with you?
  13. Do you absolutely love yourself?

If your answer for even 6 out of these 13 questions was yes, you are suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Loving yourself is a very nice and positive feeling, but do not do it to the extent that you start believing that no one is as good as you. NPD usually makes you less sensitive towards others. It is very likely that it might be the reason why many of your relationships did not work, because who would want to be with a person who loves himself/herself more than anybody else.

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