Arouse him like never before with these stripping tips


Taking off each other’s clothes during an intimate session of lovemaking is undoubtedly sexy. It seems very passionate and shows your partner how much you want him. But have you ever wondered, how sexy it would be if you strip your own clothes for him. Taking things slow increases the excitement and raises the bar of performance. Doing a little something for your man that will make him crave you will ensure better performance and more pleasure. Here are a few tips to strip for your man.

Layers are the way to go


Wear a lot of layers and slowly take each off. Let the show go on for a while. Make sure that each underlying layer is sexier than the previous one. You can pair your outfit with a pair of sexy stilettos or knee-length boots. Make sure whatever you wear is comfortable and easy to take off.

Create the ambiance

Make the atmosphere sexy beforehand. Light some fragrant candles and play some music that will complement your way of stripping. If you want something wild, play some amazing dance track and if you are going to do it slowly, choose soft music. Also, slowly walk towards the switch and turn the light down and then take it off one layer at a time.

Use your hair

Men love it when you play with your hair. Run your fingers through it or flip them whenever you can. You have to let your hair loose. You can even keep your hair tied in a scrunchie and probably opening it can be a part of your striptease. You can also throw it at him and maybe wink.

Eye contact is a must

Never stop making eye contact with him. This will make sure you have his undivided attention. Eyes can be your sexiest feature; and sometimes, when you are trying to portray sexy in your body language, your eyes act as an added help. This will also show him that you are confident; and confidence, my dear ladies, is one of the biggest turn-ons.

Make him beg


The best trick in the kitty is to make him beg for that one last piece of clothing to go off. You can ask him seductively if he wants you to take it off immediately. Undoubtedly he will say a yes; but continue the seduction. And after teasing him a bit more, you can turn around and unhook your bra. Then throw it on the floor or at him and slowly turn around. It’s now time to surrender yourself to his moves, and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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