Bad breakfast options to start your day


We all know that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. But sometimes we make completely wrong choices of food to start our day with. Unhealthy food at the start of your day can leave you feeling lazy, bloated and slow. Here are the foods your breakfast shouldn’t comprise of:

Packaged pancakes, donuts

Pancakes is a bad breakfast option

Packaged pancakes, donuts are sugar or honey coated and will do no good to your health except satisfy your sweet tooth. Do yourself and your waistline a favour and stay away from it as much as you can.

Sugary cereals

Sugar high cereals - bad for breakfast

Some cereals contain high amount of carbs and sugar. When you eat them, your blood sugar rapidly spikes and comes down. It is not good as your energy rises and crashes at the beginning of your day, leaving you feeling lethargic. Instead, opt for a high protein or fibre filled breakfast.


Granola - bad for breakfast

Most store-bought granola might seem like a healthy food choice to start your day with a tempting yet sumptuous list of ingredients like honey, oats and dry fruit. However, these store-bought food items contain a high amount of sugar and are high in calorie content. It is like eating a dessert for breakfast.


Smoothies - bad for breakfast

Smoothies are usually packed with refined sugar. When you buy such smoothies from a store for breakfast they contain full fat milk and sometimes even cream.

Take away sandwiches

Take away sandwiches- bad for breakfast

When you buy a sandwich from the store, it may seem healthy at first. But when you sit down and consider what all has gone into the sandwich, you will realise how making one at home will be much better.

So if you are on the go at all times and have no time to prepare a breakfast, remember that you will not be getting the nutrition that you think you are. Try scheduling your time better so you can make and have a healthy breakfast!

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