Bags that every woman must own


No matter how much time passes by, handbags will never lose their charm. There’s a reason why a handbag is a woman’s best friend – it carries all her important stuff and goes everywhere with her. Apart from being the most important part of a woman’s attire, bags are actually a necessity for every girl. And let’s be honest, you can never own enough bags and neither enough storage for them. ;) There are innumerable types of handbags out there for women. Some handbags draw inspiration from other handbags for their design, while some are exclusively different from the rest. Let’s take a look at a few must-have bags for every bagista out there.


The everyday bag:

Everyday bag by Chanel With Golden chain

This has to be the first building block in your bag collection. Pick a simple bag of any neutral colour in a medium size. Consider your daily load, and make sure you pick a style that is comfortable for you to carry, and can also accommodate all your necessities.

The day-clutch:


The day clutch

A clutch doesn’t necessarily mean small and formal. Opt for a large-sized clutch that is ready to accommodate your wallet, smart phone, keys, gloss, and even a small scarf. A bright, simple one is perfect for the day.


The evening-clutch:

Evening clutch with knuckle rings

We are sure you’d agree with us when we say that carrying a big bag when you are dressed to kill, actually kills the mood and the look. Choose a box style clutch and make sure it accommodates just the bare essentials.


The weekender bag:

Weekender bag

Weekender bag

If you are working in an industry which requires you to take quick, last minute work trips, it’s only practical for you to own a weekender bag. This one can easily be worn over the shoulder and is big enough to carry your week’s wardrobe around town.


The cross body/sling bag:

neon bright sling bag

Great for the weekends and off-duty dealings, a sling bag is blissfully easy to carry around on your shoulder. Perfect for shopping trips when your hands are already full of shopping bags. Choose one that’s lighter yet roomy.


The tote bag:

Colourful Tote Bag

Every girl swears by her favourite tote. This ever-so-practical bag is so roomy and smart that you’ll probably never need another one. The open top bag is a hidden boon – from tagging along to the office every now and then, to doubling up as the smartest carry-on bag ever. Pick a print that is not flashy yet unique.


The Indian batua:

Batua bag

The batua

This traditional Indian bag which is shaped like a bundle is very convenient in terms of carrying it around, and accommodation. Carry it to your friend’s desi wedding and be sure to receive a few compliments for your batua as well.

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