Beard Grooming Tips To Beat The Heat


Men simply love beards, end of story. But, maintaining a good one for a long time requires painstaking efforts, efforts which everyone isn’t cut out for. So, in case you decide to take the plunge and grow a beard, here are some important pointers and beard grooming tips that will help you add swag to your facial hair. Get a pen and paper ready.

George Clooney looks dapper in a full beard

George Clooney looks dapper in a full beard

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Trim from time to time

Trim your beard often to keep it neat

Trim your beard often to keep it neat

Let us be crystal clear of the fact that not everyone is blessed with great facial hair. So it is only in your best interest and that of people around that you keep them in shape. How do you do that? Simple, by trimming them from time to time. One, it gets rid of the extra scruff; secondly, it helps keep bacteria away.

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Use a clarifying shampoo

Yes, you heard it right. There is a shampoo that is available to clean facial hair. Since the summers are harsh on the skin and hair, the shampoo does a great job of removing the buildup of harmful chemicals and dust. The result is smooth facial hair, devoid of germs. One word of caution though, these shampoos can have a drying effect and it’s advisable that they be used only once a month.

Beard oil is the way ahead

Beard oil helps keep your beard in a good  shape and reduces frizz and fly-aways

Beard oil helps keep your beard in a good shape and reduces frizz and fly-aways

Men with beard have a common enemy in the form of itching and flaking. The constant scratching can leave you irritated and dampen your spirits. Worry not though, because the beard oil is there to save the day. So, what’s so special about beard oils you’d ask? They double up as moisturizer for skin while maintaining the shine of facial hair. An added benefit is its cologne effect, means you do not end up repelling your loved one in intimate moments.

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Beard brush to keep ‘em in check

Having a long beard can make a distinct impression in the minds of audiences. Whether that will be good or bad is another matter altogether. To make sure the opinion of those around you is always the former, it is sensible to invest in a beard brush to keep the hair in order. The important thing to note here is that the strokes need to go from top to bottom. In case you find it tough to invest in a beard brush, another alternative can be that of a brand new toothbrush.

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Now that you know all the tricks of the trade, it’s only fair to say that heat can’t stand a chance. Go on, let the fuzz create a buzz!

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