Beauty benefits of coconut oil


There are few beauty products that we can term as cure-alls, but coconut oil is one product that comes pretty close. It is au naturel and easily available at just about every grocery store within a mile long radius from wherever you are right now. It has a bit of a craze surrounding it lately. You’ve probably already noticed that coconuts and coconut oil suddenly seem to be all over the stores. If you’re wondering what’s with the sudden omnipresent nature of this tropical plant, let us sort you out with these unusual beauty benefits of coconut oil.

Oil pulling


Oil pulling

Haven’t heard about oil pulling yet? It’s time to you educated yourself about it. Gargling with coconut oil for 15-20 minutes a day helps to detoxify your body, cure headaches, whiten teeth, and much more.

Softening cuticles

If you have brittle nails and weak cuticles that need some tender loving care, then applying coconut oil to your fingers twice a day will come to your rescue.

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Treating dry ends

Apply a few drops of coconut oil to the tips of your hair and give your mane a healthy dose of moisture.


Coconut scrub

Coconut scrub

Coconut oil makes for a great home-made do-it-yourself body scrub. Mix it with sugar, and use the scrub on your body for beautiful smooth skin.

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Soothing sniffles

If you have allergies or a runny nose, rubbing a bit of coconut oil inside your nostrils can give you relief.

Moisturizing lips

Apply coconut oil on your lips to keep them moisturized.

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Removing makeup

Coconut oil is great for makeup removal

Coconut oil is great for makeup removal

If you have trouble getting off that last bit of mascara, use a sponge to dab on some coconut oil. It works like magic to remove the last trace of any makeup.

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Protecting against razor burn

Coconut oil also prevents irritation. Use it as a shaving cream swap and say goodbye to razor burns.

Preventing wrinkles

Apply coconut oil around the eyes to prevent wrinkles and sagginess under the eyes.

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Treating acne

If you have an acne trouble, apply some coconut oil to your face and wash it off after about 15 minutes. The anti-bacterial qualities of the oil help keep acne at bay.

Boosting hair growth

Coconut oil is great for hair growth

Coconut oil is great for hair growth

Coconut oil is known to promote cell growth. Apply it regularly on your scalp for thicker, longer and stronger hair.

Relieving sunburns

Had a fun beach day and got a bit over tanned? Use coconut oil to soothe the sunburn and combat tanning.


So now that you know what’s with the coconut craze, go, try this newest green beauty obsession.

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