Beauty secrets to hide pigmentation


Whether you have sensitive or patchy skin or acne marks, thankfully a little bit of makeup can very well take care of it. Follow these makeup tricks to hide all that pigmentation away.

For patchy skin and dark spots: If you have dark spots or blemishes on your face here’s a perfect way to hide them – use a corrector or concealer with a slight tinge of orange. If you directly use foundation on your patchy skin the area with patches would look grayish. So it’s best to use a concealer first and then work your way with foundation of the right shade.

For sun-tanned skin:

Tanned skin

A foundation which is applied well can easily hide away your tan. But do not over use the foundation if the tan is strong, that would make your skin appear dull. Pick the right shade and dust a little bit of bronzer for added effect.

For under eye dark circles: If you have puffy eyes every morning and the dark circles just don’t budge, do not worry. A primer and concealer is all you would need. Priming is important as without that the concealer would settle in the crease around your eyes and make you look caky. Take the attention away from the under eye area by applying mascara generously and skip the kohl on the lower lid.

For discoloured or darkened lips:

Pink Lips With Clean Teeth

Use natural or nude coloured shades of lipstick. Neutralize your lips by lining them with an orange or a natural brown liner and fill in with the same colour.

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