Benefits of getting married in your twenties


Marriage is a beautiful thing. With all the jokes about it going around, it has been tarred as taboo, but if you ask a couple what it feels like, the security, love and endurance of your relationship makes it special. It’s all about declaring your love publicly, and if you do it at a younger age, there are immense benefits. Let us look at some of these benefits of marrying in your twenties.

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Statistics have shown that when you marry at an older age, mindsets of a couple clash. At the average marrying age (28-30 for men and 24-26 for women) a person is said to have built a strong mindset already. This cannot be changed easily and can lead to intense arguments. Marrying younger will give a couple the chance to get comfortable with each other and make necessary changes if required.

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Grow up/Grow old

The chance to grow up and grow old together is beautiful

The chance to grow up and grow old together is beautiful

What is more beautiful than growing up and growing old with the person you love? It makes love more memorable, beautiful and sincere. Getting to experience life together, as it changes with age, will make a relationship stronger and help with endurance in the relationship.

Young parents

Then there arises the beautiful possibility of being younger and more energetic parents which is great for the child as well! This will give parents the chance to be more involved in the child’s life and his upbringing due to a more meaningful understanding of situations the child may face. This also secures the future of the child and your retirement.

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Marrying young will give a couple the chance to reach their milestones together. A golden jubilee is something that we rarely see in today’s world, and if things go perfectly as planned, a young marriage will give you a chance to even celebrate it. Quite an occasion, it will be!

Greater romance

There will be a greater chance of a perfect romance

There will be a greater chance of a perfect romance

Obviously love can happen at any age, but love at a younger age has a greater possibility of ideal romance. This, because of the vigour, passion and stamina that youth brings.


Yup, I may be thinking too far, but think about it yourself, the chance to see your grandchildren is a beautiful thing. It may seem very far away, but consider the fact that it will make your life feel complete.

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Child birth

Gynaecologists claim that after the age of 30, the sex hormones in a woman steadily diminish. Therefore, becoming a parent earlier will give your body enough time to recover from child bearing demands that may take a toll on your sexual health.

Younger for your kids

Being a young parent is a great experience

Being a young parent is a great experience

As a couple, you will stay younger until your children grow up. Yes, when your child will be going to college, he’ll have a young looking mommy or daddy waving him goodbye.

There are numerous cons to getting married at a young age, but, if you are a pessimist, you will see a difficulty in every opportunity. Be an optimist, and see an opportunity in every difficulty! Getting married in your twenties is beautiful. They may call you stupid and young, but you have the chance to grow older and wise, with your spouse!

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