Best jewellery trends for the bride-to-be


Every girl dreams of being the dazzling bride that the guests speak about even months after her wedding. A combination of your stunning beauty and a lavish outfit along with grand jewellery will portray you as the eye-catching bride. Sometimes, buying the appropriate ornaments cannot be as easy as getting the outfit itself.

If you have already purchased the outfit, but are confused on choosing the right junks to suit it, here’s our help. We are listing a few jewellery options for you to adorn on your grand day.

Stone Age


Coloured stones can embellish your beauty much better than diamonds itself. They vary from authentic to contemporary designs. You can opt for the appropriate colour according to your wedding theme. These gemstones are available in multiple colours and are affordable. Coral and amber are two colour options that can enhance your beauty on the big day.

Multi-layered necklaces


If your wedding outfit has minimal artwork, you can opt for multi-layered ornaments. You can layer these on your neck to compensate for minimal designs in your attire. If you are planning to wear two-layered necklace, choose the one that has a long necklace and a choker. Usually, a multi-layered necklace is sufficient on the neck and does not require additional ornaments.

Nature related designs


You can also opt for necklaces that have designs of flora and fauna. Be it leaves, flowers, petals, peacock or any nature related design for that matter; try it before you buy. Ensure that it suits you and contrasts your wedding outfit as well.

Asymmetrical cuts


These designs are becoming more and more experimental and suit the wedding attires well. You can opt for designs with gold beads, pearls, and polka to break the monotony. With innovative designs in this kind, you can opt for the one that suits you best as well as complements your wedding attire.

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