Best wedding themes to suit your budget


Planning a wedding can be tough, especially if you are on a budget. Tight budgets do not allow you to have fairy tale like expensive themes for weddings, especially if you were planning to have one like that. Not being able to afford bridal outfits that are designed by renowned designers, a big no to red velvet cheesecake, another no to a big and grand outdoor wedding, and lots more to pile up on your disappointment list. But, what if you were dreaming of having that kind of a lavish wedding from a young age? Does it mean that being on a budget shattered your dreams?

No, not at all. Here are a few themes that can give you the look of an expensive wedding, and yet fit in to your budget preferences.

Carnival wedding


Carnival themed weddings can totally be a super hit

You can opt for a funky contemporary wedding with this theme. Right from invitations to packing wedding favours for the guests, you can be creative. Try making your wedding invitations like a circus entry ticket with bright and rainbow colours. You can sport a circus-themed box to pack the wedding favour for the guests. The drapes and linen, dresses of the servers and table cloths can have circus motifs and vibrant colours on them.  Clown favours, colourful balloons, circus bouquet, colourful drinking straws, moustache-glasses are some ideas to add humour to this wedding theme.

Go green for your wedding


Green will give an elegant look to your wedding

You can have recycled materials to have an eco-friendly wedding. Invitations can be made from recycled papers and you can leave the decorations to be simple and natural. As a couple you can sport green coloured wedding outfits as well. This theme might be apt for vegan families as we can kick out all non-vegetarian dishes to best suit the theme. You can indulge in do-it-yourself craft work for the decorations of the wedding venue, entryway and stage backdrop.

Festive theme


Have lights set up to give the best look to your wedding venue

You can pick a favourite festival and make it as your wedding theme. Considering the importance of festivals and weddings in India, the combination might as well be a super hit. Candles, diyas, paper lanterns and idols of gods and goddesses can be used to decorate your wedding venue. If you choose Holi as the theme, you might as well get colours and ink-sprays ready.

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