Budget-Friendly Gifts For Your Sister This Raksha Bandhan


Relationships are the essence of any festivity and it holds true for any Indian festival. Each occasion brings the family together and calls for a celebration. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of one such relation – that of a brother and a sister.

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Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit literally means “the knot/bond of protection”. On this day every year, brothers take a solemn oath to protect their sisters from all harms and troubles, and the sisters pray to God to protect their brothers from all evil. The rakhi signifies the bond or the knot that sisters tie on their brothers’ wrists. And finally like every other auspicious Indian festival, gifts are exchanged.


The biggest question for all brothers in such a situation is what to gift their sister. While girls are said to be more sensitive and thoughtful when it comes to buying gifts, boys in a way lack the essence in this department. To make life easier for those who have not yet decided what to buy their sisters this Raksha Bandhan, here’s some budget-friendly gifts that will help…hoping my brother would read this article too!

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Low budget:

Gift your sister some chunky jewellery on this Raksha Bandhan

Gift your sister some chunky jewellery on this Raksha Bandhan

For school or college going brothers who are restricted with their pocket allowances, there are many gifts that you can choose from. Don’t worry; your sisters will love a gift that has been thoughtfully chosen and beautifully gift-wrapped with affection. Some of your options could be, costume/junk jewellery like decorative rings, that are not as expensive as the real deal. You could also buy a few accessories for your sister, a small pouch or a pretty piggy bank for her to keep her monthly savings. If your sister also goes to school/college, buying a cute scarf or a bag that she could use would make her really happy.

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Medium budget:

Dresses and watches make for great gift ideas

Dresses and watches make for great gift ideas

If you have a relatively elastic budget but within a certain limit, your options are wider. You can buy a nice dress for your sister, a fancy top or a cool budget-friendly watch would make her day. Be mindful of her choice though, if you aren’t sure she would like what you did, getting her a nice perfume is a great gift idea. You could also buy her a gift voucher so that she can pick something of her own choice.

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High budget:

Gadgets can make you sister reall happy

Gadgets can make you sister really happy


If you are a well settled brother who has a six digit pay package, then you can easily make your sister happy. Buy her a new phone if her old one has become outdated. If your sister likes gadgets, get her a small portable music player which also includes a pedometer that measures distance and heart rate so that she can use it on her morning jogs, or get her the latest DSLR camera if she is into photography. If she is fond of reading you could get her a Kindle e-book reader, but if you really want to make her feel special, take her shopping! No girl can refuse a sponsored shopping spree!

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