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When you want to express your commitment to someone the most difficult part – even more difficult than what to say – is choosing the right ring. Because when you choose the perfect piece of jewellery, it says it all. Women are generally known to be more picky and conscious about the jewellery that they wear; but in recent times, men have also started to become more fashion conscious. That is why it is equally important for women to choose a ring that their man would never want to take off.

The market has evolved according to the current preferences. So, there are many designs available for men’s engagement rings, as opposed to old times, when there were hardly any options. The kind of ring you choose for your fiancé-to-be has a lot to do with his personality and style preferences. Domed rings are a great choice for men who are not used to wearing jewellery and do not like to flash diamonds on their fingers. This domed ring is usually a simple one that looks classy in both gold (yellow/white) as well as platinum. You can either opt for a plain band or have some design on it. You can also get something engraved on the ring, maybe your names or a simple I love you.


Another option when it comes to engagement rings for men is the flat band rings. These are different from the domed ones because they do not have circular edges but are rather flat. These flat bands can be simple or have a pattern or engraved letters. If your man likes an edge in things, you can opt for this style and can also have a diamond etched in the ring. Make sure that this diamond is not too big or opt for many small diamonds. You will be shocked to see the number of designs available in this particular style.

flat band


Choose the right metal:

Consider choosing the right metal for your guy’s ring depending on his preference and your budget. Sterling Silver is the most affordable metal for jewellery. This is why it is the most popular choice and a wide range of rings are available in this metal. If you are opting for silver, please keep in mind that it is a very soft metal and needs to be blended with another one to make it more durable. Gold is the next option which is costlier than silver and is the most traditional choice for rings. It is a very common metal used in jewellery and thus men are comfortable wearing it. The third choice of metal for engagement rings is platinum. This is the most expensive out of the three and is preferred by men who are very fashionable.

Experiment with your engagement rings – add diamonds, gemstones, patterns, designs, engrave them with letters – the options are many. Just keep in mind that it should be as per the liking and comfort of your groom-to-be, and that it should be something that he can wear every single day; after all, would you want him to be desperate to take it off whenever he can? No, right? :)



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