Care for your hair this summer


If you aren’t sweating it out at the gym, then you probably are while commuting to work, or even at home. These increased levels of perspiration might make you feel like washing your hair every day. The Brunette Diaries tackles common questions that you may have about this predicament.

Is a daily hair wash okay?

The answer is no. Shampoos have harsh chemicals like lauryl sulphate and can remove the essential oils from the scalp, causing an over-drying of the scalp. Thrice a week is good enough. Even if you sweat too much, just pour plain water on the hair.

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How to overcome a dandruff problem?


Dandruff can be really embarrassing

Dandruff and an itchy scalp is probably one of the most common branches of damage that the sun does to your hair. Now the catch here is whether you have a dry scalp or an oily one. Dandruff on an oily scalp is dangerous as its eats away the pigment of your hair, while dandruff on a dry scalp falls off, much to our embarrassment. Try home-based treatments for dandruff; for instance: apply ginger juice on the scalp. Leave it overnight and wash it off. Use a mild shampoo and eat green vegetables like spinach and fenugreek leaves (methi).

Is using henna good for the hair?


Henna pack makes your hair dry

If you tend to have dry hair then you must avoid any treatment that includes henna. As henna actually dries the hair, most stylists will tell you not to use it. It makes the hair more porous and can also make it brittle. Instead, use a good conditioner, which has sunscreen, or try a hair serum.

How to keep one’s hair manageable in the summer?

To rid your hair of the damage caused all year round; trim away the ends, especially if they are frizzy. Wear a hat, scarf or a cap to protect hair from damaging UV rays. Use a hair sunscreen if you are going out between 11 am and 4 pm as that is when the sun’s rays are harshest. Always use a little conditioner on the hair before you go swimming.

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Are hair spas the ultimate solution?

Hair spa

Opt for natural and home-based hair spa

Not necessarily. Some hair spas use products that contain harmful chemicals. Go natural if you want to stay away from further damage. Use products that are easily available at home, to make the most of nutrients that they contain. For instance, grind hibiscus into a paste and apply on hair. It strengthens hair roots. Feugreek and neem also increase hair strength. Another healthy option is aloe vera, which can tackle scalp allergies and boils, making it perfect for dry and frizzy hair that the summer bestows.

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