Career Buzz: Survival Of The Fittest


Priya joined a company for the position of a production manager three months ago. With frequent travelling and photo shoots around the corner, she could not handle the hectic schedules. Not everyone can cope up with work related stress and unfortunately, Priya was one of them. By quitting her job, she took a trouble-free route to ease her anxiety.

While some people easily fall because of their failure to face challenges, many others handle their tough times with a metal head. Not all can acquire the power and determination to avoid social and emotional sentiments that can distract their career oriented mindset.

Here are some crucial habits that you can follow to climb the ladder of success in whatever job you are doing.

What you get is not what you want

Try to do the job that pleases you. What is the point of doing content writing for a photography magazine when you are actually interested in clicking photographs? Don’t accept any job with an intention of pleasing your boss. In that way, you are ending up stressing yourself up for a work you are not interested in. Be selfish to please yourself first.

Change is the only constant thing

When you are given an opportunity to join your office’s new branch or have to change your job, learn to welcome the difference of environment with a smile. Not everyone can approach change with a positive attitude. By sulking and comparing existing work with the previous one, you are not opening yourself to changes. You should not try to categorise the change as good or bad. It is good if you approach it with a positive attitude and bad if approached with a negative attitude. Therefore, accept the change with a broad smile.


Never fear to be alone. Some people crave for other people’s company so much, that they cannot be alone for even a short period of time. But enjoy some ‘alone time’. It helps you contemplate over various issues that may help you in improvising your job skills.

Risk it

Weigh the pros and cons of a situation and risk it if it is worth the try. Learn from your previous mistakes and risk every opportunity to do your utmost. Sky is the limit; you can risk and try till you reach the ultimate position in your career life. If success was meant to be achieved in one step, every individual would have already reached his definitive point by now. Suffice is never the word; you should keep trying to be an icon for your co-workers.

Don’t give up easily

To be mentally strong requires a lot of adversity. Just like how gold goes through intensive heating process before it is portrayed to be a fine piece of jewellery, you will have to go through a period of hard times to develop a strong mentality.



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